a slice off the flesh;

Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant & Hayley Bennett

Is it just me or I prone to get hurt when I use sharp things? Today, while I was skinning the orange, my middle finger got in the way and the skin at the tip of it came off. It didn't hurt any bit at all at first but I was bleeding profusely. I ran water over the awkward opening to get rid of the blood and continued with the previous.
When I began doing other things including attempting to play the piano, the pain kicks in. I couldn't even play it properly. I ended up putting the music sheets away and closed the piano with much frustration mixed with mild rage stirring up in me. When I take a shower or wash my hands, the series of stinging pain attack my wound. I couldn't even wash my hair properly. I feel handicapped just with that minuscule cut. Every single thing that I do will certainly bring pain to that wound. Need not say, even typing poses as a problem. For hurting myself, I feel so incredibly, utterly useless.

Anyway, a gathering with MeiChien and YiXuan was great since we haven't met each other for at least five months already and MeiChien is back to Malaysia from China to do her UK Visa. It was certainly an awesome catch up session plus, making YiXuan and MeiChien to remember the times they shared back then in a tuition.
A long six hours chat didn't seem any bit sufficient at all as when both of them left for home at 7pm, we promised each other another outing not only to watch movie but to chat more.
I was glad that I called for this outing to meet up with them both even though they weren't sure if they knew each other but it seemed to me after seeing them talk to each other, they can really click with each other. Thumbs up for myself! :)

Training for the fair going on this weekend was held at night. In the midst of all the adult discussions, I couldn't help but to feel utmost inferior.
Myriad questions flashed past my mind and I struggled to muster strength to find my way through the blanket of shock that muffled my thinking. It was like the weight in my mind was casting an actual shadow on my vision and hearing as I wasn't actually concentrating on the diagrams scribbled over the board nor listening to the speaker. Instead, I was preoccupied with ideas on how to close a sale.
This went on forever even when I'm in my comfort sheets trying to get some sleep.
Just moments ago, I actually tried practicing it and realized I didn't actually know how to convey the idea and ended up tongue tied with lots of hesitations. I should really try harder..
Nevermind, tomorrow. Tomorrow will do.

Last Rant: I feel like a pimple producing machine. Stupid.

Right now, the song Way Back Into Love is on replay mode and I am indeed, planning not to get it off my head anywhere soon. I just love how it is so melodious and the vocals fit perfectly to compliment each other. The soothing feel that song renders nothing but tranquility in the midst of my anxiety and troubled feelings.

Wish you were here...



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