If We Ever Meet Again - Katy Perry ft Timbaland


The day began at 12am. Duh... I was still up, studying. Need not say. Psychology paper was then, 14 hours away and I still yet to finish up the topic in the exam syllabus. I pondered how I would be able to sleep by now if I wasn't so confident and laid back in the afternoon after the Sociology paper previously. I kept track of the time, rushing to cram all the theories into my pea-sized brain. I was screwed. I called for the night at 2.30am thinking that I still have the morning to do the cramming. (what self-denial... pfffttt) Off to bed! -cuddles-

Woke up at 9 to the beautiful harmonica of Shakira's Gypsy. Again, thinking I was able to finish just in time before entering the exam hall after doing my indulgent calculations, I took my time and regretted for doing so. I panicked listening to Elza explaining the theories that I have not revised and obviously couldn't recall in such detail. It was just minutes away from 2pm. Confidence level shot down to minimum. Pity. During exam, Amanda, who was sitting beside me, did her exam paper at such fast speed that freaked me out. Confidence level - nil. The paper was tricky. I knew I was done for. Time constrain. Strict and hot tempered invigilator. Everything seemed to worsen with my lack of study. Eventually, time was up. I dragged my footsteps down to LC into Justin's car and off we went to CineLeisure for a movie - Despicable Me in 3D. Special thanks to Justin (if you are reading this, Justin, you'll know why). Ice-cream worked well in cheering me up. So it did too before the hilarious movie ahead. The small yellow characters, which speak Gibberish, never fail to bring a smile to my face every time they speak. Just too funny. Love the "daddy's" accent too! The small girl's fluffy unicorn! (quote from Justin) OMG ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIEEE! Hahaha...
The night was ordinary. No internet, so I resorted to watching the idiot box, switching channels acting all like a potato couch. Not productive at all. What could I possibly do? NOTHING. So there you go. A day to remember.
Today was bliss in some way. Cheers to happy feelings!

&because when you pull me by the arm so that I turn to face you, I always imagine the best things.



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