Bon Odori 2010.

Shut Up & Kiss Me - Orianthi 

paper notes;

When was the last time I went to this annual event? Too long... So I decided to return to take a look around

I was never fast in wearing yukata until that day (17.7.2010). A talk at 222 dragged on till I barely had time to get home and prepare. Took me only about 15 minutes to look good in my pink yukata. The long walk down the road to the stadium brutally murdered my feet. That wooden slippers I was wearing was definitely not a pair of comfortable footwear. I wished I wore my orange flip flops instead. Alone, I contacted Sook Yan to locate her position so that I could go ahead and look for her. Man, it was hard as hell in the midst of the sea of ecstatic people.
Justin spammed my inbox with messages about how he got lost and was really scared. He made me really nervous as I could do nothing to help. He made it there in the end anyway...
There were nothing special besides the overwhelming number of people present then and of course, beautifully dressed people in colorful variety of yukata. The dances on the stage situated right in the middle of the stadium, went on and on along with the music. They seemed to have repetitive dance moves, though I did not pay much attention to it. I was busy hunting down small kids to take picture with. It was epic how our attempts to get those chubby faces to snap a picture with us turned out. They actually looked fragile and vulnerable beside us. I can totally imagine how their small legs would shake furiously beneath that sheer sheets of fabrics over, which were only capable of providing the littlest psychological protection from the strangers aside. Some even cringed so quickly to hide behind their mummy's legs as we approached as if it was a normal reflex action taking place. Adorable. *feigns evil laughter*
Bumped into Adri, Hazim and Hadi, some high school dudes. Adri looked laid back in his cool wool fedora. It was weird seeing them hanging around without the presence of Riyal. They used to stick to each other back then in high school as if they were glued together.
That event ended sooner than expected. People streamed out from the stadium. It was a rather chaotic situation

Did I mention how glad I was to be able to meet Sook Yan again? After many unsuccessful plans to meet up after parting ways, finally... I'm rather satisfied. :)

Today I browsed through my sister's phone book and saw that she had Jay Sean's phone number in it. I bet she took it down from one of Jay's tweets. Talk about celebrity crush. She beats me in that. :D

Vanilla Twilight's music video gives me goosebumps. <3

Love, Evelyn.


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