Internet ftw :)

Kissin You - Miranda Cosgrove

I switched my streamyx to the COOL UNI PACK.

Apparently, this is the best deal streamyx has got to offer apart from being only available to first and second year university students and contract period of only two years. As for the netbook, it has only an atom processor, so it ain't the cream of the crop but hey, cheaper price for extra goodies! Ain't that the best deal ever? :D

its a long story from how I got to know about it to the day I got my internet connection back.
The point is, some idiot went to terminate my existing internet attached to my home's subline before this new streamyx attached to my home's mainline is activated. In other words, I initially DO NOT need to suffer from the no-internet-days like how the other applicants had to.
Geez, thanks to that IQ-below-average person who terminated my internet account, I suffered quite a lot.
But, thanks to him, I got almost a 100% concentration for my finals.
So, after almost a month without any internet connection, after making calls exceeding ten times to TM to complain, after having the kind installer to come and check on the stability of the ADSL line (which is not and that's why he can't do heck about it), after having the technician to check on the instruments out there at one of the tall poles, the internet is finally back.
The anxiety and high hopes invested in the early anticipation period eventually faded to a mild and an utterly trivial problem, which means I was almost immune to the effects of no internet.

On Wednesday,
as I was pampering myself by watching Korean drama series and munching some snacks, the doorbell rang and it was the technician. Soon after he left, the installer came to install and activate my streamyx. Everything happened so quickly in the blink of an eye. I was flabbergasted when I was told that everything was back to normal and I can use the internet again (I made a wish the previous day at 11.11am that I would be happy enough to get my internet back by the beginning of the new semester). Right now, I'm paying RM68 for 1Mbps, plus, the free Wi-Fi modem that they promised. Soon after, they will mail the free netbook by courier. How's that? Life's great all of a sudden.
Hence, I guess this explains the long hiatus from blogging. :)
Grey clouds are gone, blew away by the wind, replaced with white ones, complimenting the sunny blue sky. Something about a sunny day, keeping the clouds away. Oh, how I love how metaphors insinuate things

&because you make me feel like living and dying at the same time.
That's bliss. That's love.



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