Explanatory Conundrum.

Sweet Memories - Olivia Ong

It is freaky how time flies even when you are doing nothing. Not to mention how its speed is doubled or tripled when you are working your ass off some assignments or hard coring for an exam


Disclaimer: Rants ahead. I repeat. Rants ahead.

All these while, I realized that many questions about life, love, relationships, friendships have been tossed towards me constantly like its never-ending. I guess my fellow friends see me as a good reference point. Just so you know, I myself is confused and dumb-founded with the problems I am facing. I used to think why and how some people's life can be so complicated and miserable with countless choices to make and problems to solve. I used to think that I would rather be dead than to be like them, so stressed up and screwed up.
Sometimes, I find myself telling them just what I feel and think is logical and appropriate for solving the situations bothering my friends, not knowing if I would be able to do the same when things don't work out well for me. I desperately need somebody who is capable of giving me solutions and at the same time, be there for me when I'm down. It is like I don't already possess the ability of putting myself out of the commotion in a third party's point of view and judge according to my instincts. It is too easy to tell people how and what to do, but it certainly takes much determination to perform it yourself. Well, it is so true that talking is easier than putting words into action. At times, I was so scared that I might ruin the whole situation with my despicable attitude that I can only sit and cry when my feelings finally burst out. Sudden surge of adrenaline, in the mean time would just lead me to more fidgeting.
Urgh... feelings like that sucks.
I hate.
I loathe.
I despise.

Holiday hasn't been going well for me. Besides purchasing a few outfits I adore too much that its lethal, every other days were left for rotting at home. Soon, later in the afternoon, I will be meeting MeiChien and YiXuan for a get-together lunch. Looking forward to it. Owh... And I need to do some studying. So much for joining the sales team for the fair happening on this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at MidValley Megamall. So if anyone of you are interested in knowing what I am going to sell, come on and have a look. :)
Opps, sorry for doing sales over here already. I'll cut it off here. Period.
Today will be a long long day. At least, much more productive than usual. <3


Being in love is when you replay the conversations you had with your prince charming at the back of your mind over and over again after saying goodbyes to one another. What more? You read the messages he sent to you over and over again yet never get sick of it. This is love. And you will crave for more yet never need to worry how it will make you fat at the end of the day like how chocolate does to your body.

Signing out feeling contended.


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