Japan Part II ( Tokyo Disneyland)

One of the “must go” place in Japan is obviously nothing else but Tokyo Disneyland. Everyone would love to go to Disneyland and that goes for me too! This has been my childhood dream. I can still remember whenever my dad asked me to throw a coin into the wishing well and make a wish when i was young, the wish is nothing else but going to Disneyland. Fortunately, I was invited to the Lions Club District 333 YE reception party, which was held in Club 33, located in Tokyo Disneyland.During the party, I met many other youth exchangees from other countries like Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Italy and Singapore. I was so glad to meeting some of the youth exchangees who went to Japan with me and loved the other youth exchangees from every other countries except for those from Singapore. There were three of them in total. Not to say i am against Singaporeans but their attitude really blew my head off. Let me make this crystal clear. One of their rudeness was when the whole formal thing was going on, they started acting like human from rural areas or even from the jungle, aborigines, uncivilised people. They actually shouted across the hall just to be able to talk to each other and it was during the function. Shocking eh? Then the youth exchangees from different countries were supposed to gather in a group to think of a performance to perform. And there they went again, playing and screaming like a cat falling down from a tall building. Anyway, we Malaysians volunteered and took the stage first performing Rasa Sayang which was the most gay performance. Wowed the crowd. :D *high five*After the welcome party, I explored Tokyo Disneyland with six other youth exchangees from Malaysia and a few Italians and Japanese.I enjoyed the three roller coaster rides despite the very long wait ( at least 90 minutes) for each ride. The rides were thrilling! We made use of the time waiting sharing experience with each other. We talked about school, host families, daily live in our own countries et cetera. Within moments, we were already well bonded.At the end of the day, I shopped a little around disneyland to find all the things sold there are EXPENSIVE. In the end, bought some cookies with the coupon my district Lions Club gave. I was too, expecting a spectacular fireworks show to end the day in Tokyo Disneyland. Unfortunately, the wind condition forbade it.Guess that's about Tokyo Disneyland...

To be continued...

Tata ;D


It seems like the whole world is crashing down on me since school started four weeks ago. Maybe some are still living in their own comfortable little world, oblivious of the happenings around them, but i am feeling all of that. Not so cool after all.

Time flies. I can still vividly recall the happenings of last Chinese New Year. It felt like a week before. Sometimes i feel so helpless having time flashes across me constantly giving me 'momentum'.

One thing for sure about this year's Chinese New Year, i regained something i missed all these years. That is friendship. Abel was once my kindergarten classmate and also my playmate. However, it seemed like something blocked me from seeing him or talking to him even though he was in the same primary school as me. The last time i saw him in primary school was in standard 1. Sad right?

Kuala Lumpur is so quiet. Cars reduced by 85%. Anyway, traffic is building up by now. Everybody wants to rush back for work tomorrow except for those who declared holiday and most importantly - SCHOOL KIDS! Sometimes its real good to be a student and not a working person. More holiday, longer rest. More fun, ultimate life!

I still have a report to rush and loads of homework undone. Got to rush now?

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Happy New Year! It is year 2009 already. I can still remember vividly how i counted down for 2008. Everything seemed so fresh in my mind yet it has already been a year. Time flies so fast like a bolt of lightning, flashes right before your eyes and disappears. Before you even get frighten, it was over for a long time.

It has been a month since i last posted my last post of the year 2008. As most of you already know, i just came back from Japan on the 4th of January and obviously i attended school as usual the next day. Been very busy for the whole week so i do not even have any time for neither blogging nor online chatting. I have to catch up with everything and get used to the busy life again after two months of carefree lifestyle. I will blog about Japan a little here and there as what i have been through there were too much to be put into words. I don't even know where to begin.

Once i stepped down Malaysian Airlines, cold air rush up my spines along with excitement. It was where everything in Japan began. The first lunch i had in my host family house made me feel like a fool. There were Japanese pickles on the table and also cucumbers too. Since cucumber is my all-time favourite, i took a piece and ate it. Guess what? It is salty. I did not expect cucumber to be salted and even it is salted, i did not expect it to be that salty. I almost spat the whole thing out but i forced it down my throat. The scenario was awkward yet hilarious. :D

My host father registered me in Mobara High School temporarily so i stood a chance to experiencing school life in Japan for three days ( 15/12 - 17/12). For Malaysians, feel lucky that our school ends at 1.05pm and 3.30pm the latest for Chinese class students. Students in Japan have to bear with the teachers and boring lessons from 8.30am till 2.30pm. Extra lessons ends at 3.30pm and students have to stay back everyday till 5.30pm for co curriculum activities. Bear in mind, that is their daily schedule. Fatigued.

Students there were very friendly and always smile at me wherever i go. At least i feel welcomed there. In the mean time, they were also fascinated by the 3 1/6 languages girl. Obviously i speak English, Chinese and Malay and also Japanese which i learned a little last year and some that i picked up during my stay in Japan. When situation like this happens, you do not have to worry how you present yourself in school especially in front of the students. When i introduce myself in English, they were amused by my fluency and ability of speaking English. When i introduce myself in Chinese, they wondered what i was talking about but still impressed that i can speak Chinese. When i introduce myself in Japanese, they simply stare at you with their jaws dropped, supported by their collarbone.

Mobara High School is a typical Japanese school so it is compulsory to all students, teachers and even visitors to wear slippers provided in school. Of course the slippers visitors wear differ from the slippers worn by students. I went into almost all of the classes in the school in 3 days time as the school is small. Interacted with the students during lessons and also ate lunch with them. Most of the lessons i was assigned to were English lessons but i attended Home Economy Class where i cooked Nimono and Omochi. Delicious. Basically, my English is the best in the whole school and even better than the teachers there. Not to say i am a big talk fellar or i am bragging about my English. I admit my English still have loads to improve on but over there in Japan, its one in a million you can find people who speaks good English. By the way, I played volleyball with the school volleyball team too! Besides that, i wrote chinese calligraphy during calligraphy lesson and gave the students the greatest shock of their lives. " She can write calligraphy too!" Didn't get to join their marathon though.

To be continued...

P.S : Pictures will come later. Connection low now. :)

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