It seems like the whole world is crashing down on me since school started four weeks ago. Maybe some are still living in their own comfortable little world, oblivious of the happenings around them, but i am feeling all of that. Not so cool after all.

Time flies. I can still vividly recall the happenings of last Chinese New Year. It felt like a week before. Sometimes i feel so helpless having time flashes across me constantly giving me 'momentum'.

One thing for sure about this year's Chinese New Year, i regained something i missed all these years. That is friendship. Abel was once my kindergarten classmate and also my playmate. However, it seemed like something blocked me from seeing him or talking to him even though he was in the same primary school as me. The last time i saw him in primary school was in standard 1. Sad right?

Kuala Lumpur is so quiet. Cars reduced by 85%. Anyway, traffic is building up by now. Everybody wants to rush back for work tomorrow except for those who declared holiday and most importantly - SCHOOL KIDS! Sometimes its real good to be a student and not a working person. More holiday, longer rest. More fun, ultimate life!

I still have a report to rush and loads of homework undone. Got to rush now?

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