Day 365.

Today. Last day of the year.
I'd usually have loads to write about when it comes to this. But this time round, I turned the corner to find dead end.
Overwhelmed with tons of feelings. Whether feelings that will bring smiles. Whether feelings that will bring tears. Though it seems to me those carrying with them the negative vibe is currently dominating my mood and playing tricks with my mind. While the others quickly scrambled into their hiding spot, keeping safe from the cursed.
Doesn't feel good at all. Always kept far away from the desired. It feels like there is an invisible force field, keeping guard, the invincible aura, playing role of that Great Wall of China. There's just so much a young heart can take. Such a pity. Pathetic.
The year passed by swiftly, irrefutably.
So much to reminisce about. Too much to be able to contain it in this virtual diary of mine. Well, I just hope they all stay lingering in my mind till my face turns wrinkly and hair turns snow white. Okay that might sound a little crazy since we don't even know our fate and whether fellow Earthlings can survive year 2012 as stated in the mystery calender by the Mayans. Yeah we don't.

Well, what a way to end the year.
However, I always believe the preceding year is always not as good as the current and hence, year 2011 will be a better one. So put up a great smile and usher the new year with a bright and positive heart.

I think I miss you too much
That's why my heart aches
That's why my eyes tears
To the sight of your beautiful features

Happy New Year Folks.
Signing out for the year, PeiNingLee.

ADP Annual Ball 2010.

Careful – Paramore

Well, I was planning to write a long post for this but due to my endless procrastination, I sorta lost the inspiration to do so since it was long time ago. Well, feels like its more than a month ago.

So, the event was on the 19th of November, Friday. I can still remember vividly that day was Bio group report submission due date. Well, the whole week itself was filled with many assignment submission and it didn’t feel like prom is nearing at all. Not to me, not to my friends. Even my dress, accessories and heels were all a last minute thing. Was too busy with course works.

The event was held in Park Royal. Before that, washed and blew my hair at a saloon Justin’s friend was working at.

Dressed in the short black flowing dress and a pair of silver strap heels, I walked out of the ladies and all I need then was make up to be fully presentable. No. I don’t know how to do it myself but thankfully, I have all my girlfriends to save my face. First was Cassandra, who helped me with the eyeliner. Then Leanne to help with the touch up. Then back to Cassandra with the eye shadow. Then a few more with I don’t remember who. Sorry I can’t remember you and it wasn’t entirely my fault because I was shouted at whenever I attempt to open my eyes or even try to peer through the little slit I forced open to see what was going on. Yeah they raised their voices at me :’(  Nah but I won’t blame them, they just excited for me since they never seen me in makeup. :D

Everything was fine and fun. Awkward moment was when they opened the dance floor for couples and for everyone else. Scarcely a few went up and danced their heart out. Well, that was mainly because the song prepared by the DJ weren’t always prefect for the atmosphere. Thumbs down.

The fun parts were the photo taking sessions in between everything and the hangout session outside of the ballroom. :)

73960_10150107906825873_637650872_7591977_4726297_n 74164_10150107903485873_637650872_7591865_2785948_n IMG_1925 148867_10150107909020873_637650872_7592035_8088431_n

After the prom was some settling unfinished things then off to club at Sheraton for the after party in the heavy downpour. Scary. Never been in KL when it floods and my first time just had to be in the middle of the night in a small car. Darn afraid that the car will just fail on us. Reached there to find everyone hanging around the hotel lobby. So the after party was cancelled due to lousy planning. Its heading home after that.

Removed the makeup and took a warm shower before lying down on the sofa, awaiting text message from the gentleman who sent me home just to make sure he made it home safe. Crawled back to cuddle with my huggies under the nice warm sheet and fell deep into dreamland.

The End.

Highland Haven Retreat.

Embers – Helen Jane Long

Imagine three families with the surname Lee, taking a trip up to Cameron Highlands. Imagine three cars, cruising down the highway in a perfect sequence of silver, black and white. Imagine a rather heavy meal in every subsequent three hours. :)

Saturday, 4th September was the day when we went up to Cameron Highlands. Oh yeah, this is a very delayed post. Hmm… so the two families I went with were all big people. They were like half giants to my family only because we appear minuscule standing alongside them, like dwarfs. Big people, big appetite, high metabolism rate. That explains the very frequent heavy meals throughout the trip. :P

We checked in at Ye Olde Smokehouse.

Cameron 929

The authentic English Tudor style hotel was originally built in 1939. The entire building was surrounded by green grass, fountain and white steel benches, beautifully decorated by myriad species of colored flowering blossoms. The tea garden concept provides a much laid-back and tranquil ambience. Having sitting on the bench, sipping sips of English tea, enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun embracing your skin while cold breeze sweeps past your cheeks to counter the heat. Its sheers bliss. Really.

Cameron 924 Cameron 916 Cameron 844 Cameron 925 Cameron 927

The interior design of the Smokehouse was stunning as well, completed with many interesting collections including horseshoe collection and wall hanging plates. I personally adore such collection and find them very intriguing and pretty.

Cameron 890 Cameron 892 Cameron 907 Cameron 902

English breakfast in the morning was very filling. It is inclusive in the price you pay for the stay there. Scones are considered rather popular in Cameron Highlands and in the traditional English breakfast, you will get to taste the usual English delicacies. They also serve tea with scones, cream and homemade strawberry jam.

DSC_0291 DSC_0241 DSC_0242 Cameron 912 Cameron 914

So basically, its snapping pictures all the way for me alongside the two uncles who were also holding their DSLRs. Live tutor. Very helpful. :D

We stopped by the teahouse halfway up the mountain and halfway down the mountain, just like any other time. Snapped pictures of the breath-taking scenery. I adore the tea plantation. Very beautiful.

Cameron 792 Cameron 798 DSC_0196 DSC_0209

There is no beauty, no ugliness, just existence.


Love forever and always,


and so,

On My Way Here - Clay Aiken

And so, life goes on.
Two years ago, at this time, I am already in bed. Nice and warm. Oh if you are thinking about nice spring bed with superb comfy quilt cover, you are wrong. I was sleeping on the nicely heated mat, covered with thick cotton blankets, while the temperature outside was just a few degree Celsius to freezing point for water. Yeap it definitely felt as good as how you imagine it to be.
Only problem I had then was that I constantly allow my devious imagination to run wild. Relating the typical Japanese shed to the freakylicious Japanese ghost movie - Ju-On.
Yeap, I was living in a shed. An isolated building where my host family only came to for meals downstairs. It was small. I even had to clean all the thick layers of dust before settling in. Anyway, I'm drifting...
Staring at my YE blazer hanging five feet above from the tip of my toes, and the shadows of the pine trees swaying along with the rhythm of the winter breeze formed on the white surface of the cupboard, I was certain that I felt goosebumps growing out from the surface of my arms.
I was then, in Chiba, Japan, under a Lion's Club Youth Exchange Program. A nicer and more prestigious way to put it is that I was once a Malaysian Youth Ambassador!
Heh... sounds really cool huh? I know I know. *does the hand gestures* :)
Its a wonder how time flies.

I never really liked holidays, especially long holidays. Never really look forward to one.
Reason being that
I won't be seeing people I miss seeing. You get what I mean?
I won't be seeing my friends as often as how I do during schooling days. I love my friends. They are gorgeous people.
I don't get to go for yum cha sessions with them friends during break time.
Being at home, not really a good thing. Yeap, there certainly are days where I can just lie around, be a couch potato in my baggy shirt, comfy shorts and hair in a messy bun and no one gives a damn about it. Those are the days I don't mind at all!
Being at home, feeling incredibly bored. Aimless, yet not allowed to leave the home. That sucks. Just had to sit in front of the computer for some virtual indulgence while waiting for my skin to grow on the chair I sit on.
Being at home, doing all the house chores. That sucks to the core. No further comments on that.

On a brighter and more positive perspective, I get to go out! Christmas holiday is coming soon too. I adore Christmas decorations. So beautiful. Bring smile to my face. :)

p.s.: Always keep your hopes up high, the best has yet to come. xx

Stay tuned for more posts! Toodleloo~

Fluffy Unicorn?


1. to justify my absence, I was having my exams...

2. Just a brief recap about my finals, everything has been going well until the Psychology papers come. Compared to Research Methods, Human Personality was way tougher. It was out to kill! Just as the mid-term for it, everybody died after that paper. May we rest in peace.

3. So, I have serious sleep deprivation just as any other times during exam. I remember saying that exams totally suck the daylight out of me, leaving me a dried up skeleton at the end of the day.
I see my face condition deteriorating. Now it feels so rough and dry. I guess I have to catch up a lot on my beauty sleep! *snores snores*

4. Now that exam is over, I have this heavy weight off my shoulders. But, in the meantime, I should really start researching on my universities and see to the applications as well. Can't be procrastinating all the time. Hey, I am becoming a bigger procrastinator as time passes. Noooo not good.

5. And no, I haven't taken my Toefl yet. Going to take it the first thing next year. Make time for practice, Pei Ning. Stop slacking off please thank you.

6. Christmas is coming! I really need to go to shopping malls and admire the beautiful Christmas decorations. Yeah, 13 days into December and I haven't seen a single Christmas decoration yet. Just proves how long I have been staying at home like a total study freak.

7. It is really sad. Come to think that my holiday only lasts for 3 weeks. Forcefully.

8. I'm turning 18 soon. Well, I feel quite scared and nervous. I'm not a birthday person. Definitely not. Turning 18 though, sounds good to me. :)

9. I feel so outdated. Really! The last movie I watched in the cinema? *nervous laughter* You don't want to know. Its ages away. Yeah I need to watch movies. Movies!

10. Just to make the list look perfect, it has to end at ten. But I have nothing to talk about already. Hmm... This holiday is going to be interesting. I promise I will post those that I missed throughout the year. Oh yes that includes post for my trip to Egypt! Eeee I'm a real procrastinator.

Bubble face! *boink boink*
Please pardon my scrap thoughts.
& randomness

Till then!
Lovely, Pei Ning


Clearly, I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough because I haven’t been studying much. Biology paper is on Monday, yet, I barely know a few facts about it. I think it is time to feel the tension build up and feel the stress.
I need more motivation. I need less distraction. That’s what I need. Badly.

If you remember my counseling experience from the last post before this, I’m so proud and ecstatic to say that it is finally over. Well, I was this close to being late to the last session.
An hour before it, Justin and I decided to walk over to Hock Lee’s at Jalan Batai for lunch. It was approximately seven minutes walk there under the hot sun. Nonetheless, a great company just makes everything great and laid back. So we stopped by at a typical Chinese coffee shop and ordered Wan Tan Mee. While we chatted, I can’t stop myself from taking glances off the clock hanging on the wall. I sort of like how they haven’t painted the walls in many years and that the paint now turned yellowish, rendering the onceuponatimeinthe60s vibe. :) 
Anyway, 15 minutes passed and our food weren’t here yet, so I went to check on it and that lady literally replied me in a rather frustrated tone that she is preparing it. I went back to my place opposite of Justin’s with that wthinmyface expression. So we waited again. Another five minutes passed and I was quite fidgety then already because my counseling session starts in less than half an hour’s time. I went over to check for the the second time and that aunty gave me the same tone, unfriendly pissed reply. At that point of time, I really felt like cancelling the order and stomp off. Guhh…

In the end, I made it on time to the session and Father Philip told me that this counseling session will be a relaxing one. Being the curious and rebellious me, I asked him, “Why is that so?” in a rather sarcastic tone, since that was what he always asks me in the past three sessions. Oh and it went well, with less awkward moments in between. As promised, I told him how I was stressed over the counseling sessions before, and everything was back to square one again. All the frivolous questioning.
Finally my session ended earlier than expected and I realized it only lasted approximately 45 minutes. Nevertheless, my session was still the longest among the four of us who went for counseling too. I guess he just likes to talk to me that’s all. -.-

Justin went in and came out. He began telling me how Father Philip was giving him a massage at the shoulder area where he hurt himself. I thought, that was gay, and spent the next 15 minutes thinking Father Philip is gay while staring at Justin with that über-disgusted look plastered across my face. It was epic.

Finals starts next Monday and ends a week after. Wish me luck.


We are all a little weird and life's a little weird itself
But when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours
We join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love
Silent moments with you isn’t awkward
Its beautiful
All of a sudden I realized
I was helpless and fragile
Yet only able to succumb to your great force and power of love

Till then,

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