Highland Haven Retreat.

Embers – Helen Jane Long

Imagine three families with the surname Lee, taking a trip up to Cameron Highlands. Imagine three cars, cruising down the highway in a perfect sequence of silver, black and white. Imagine a rather heavy meal in every subsequent three hours. :)

Saturday, 4th September was the day when we went up to Cameron Highlands. Oh yeah, this is a very delayed post. Hmm… so the two families I went with were all big people. They were like half giants to my family only because we appear minuscule standing alongside them, like dwarfs. Big people, big appetite, high metabolism rate. That explains the very frequent heavy meals throughout the trip. :P

We checked in at Ye Olde Smokehouse.

Cameron 929

The authentic English Tudor style hotel was originally built in 1939. The entire building was surrounded by green grass, fountain and white steel benches, beautifully decorated by myriad species of colored flowering blossoms. The tea garden concept provides a much laid-back and tranquil ambience. Having sitting on the bench, sipping sips of English tea, enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun embracing your skin while cold breeze sweeps past your cheeks to counter the heat. Its sheers bliss. Really.

Cameron 924 Cameron 916 Cameron 844 Cameron 925 Cameron 927

The interior design of the Smokehouse was stunning as well, completed with many interesting collections including horseshoe collection and wall hanging plates. I personally adore such collection and find them very intriguing and pretty.

Cameron 890 Cameron 892 Cameron 907 Cameron 902

English breakfast in the morning was very filling. It is inclusive in the price you pay for the stay there. Scones are considered rather popular in Cameron Highlands and in the traditional English breakfast, you will get to taste the usual English delicacies. They also serve tea with scones, cream and homemade strawberry jam.

DSC_0291 DSC_0241 DSC_0242 Cameron 912 Cameron 914

So basically, its snapping pictures all the way for me alongside the two uncles who were also holding their DSLRs. Live tutor. Very helpful. :D

We stopped by the teahouse halfway up the mountain and halfway down the mountain, just like any other time. Snapped pictures of the breath-taking scenery. I adore the tea plantation. Very beautiful.

Cameron 792 Cameron 798 DSC_0196 DSC_0209

There is no beauty, no ugliness, just existence.


Love forever and always,



Eason said...
Friday, December 31, 2010

nice ...cute photos !! ~ ^^ haha

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