Fluffy Unicorn?


1. to justify my absence, I was having my exams...

2. Just a brief recap about my finals, everything has been going well until the Psychology papers come. Compared to Research Methods, Human Personality was way tougher. It was out to kill! Just as the mid-term for it, everybody died after that paper. May we rest in peace.

3. So, I have serious sleep deprivation just as any other times during exam. I remember saying that exams totally suck the daylight out of me, leaving me a dried up skeleton at the end of the day.
I see my face condition deteriorating. Now it feels so rough and dry. I guess I have to catch up a lot on my beauty sleep! *snores snores*

4. Now that exam is over, I have this heavy weight off my shoulders. But, in the meantime, I should really start researching on my universities and see to the applications as well. Can't be procrastinating all the time. Hey, I am becoming a bigger procrastinator as time passes. Noooo not good.

5. And no, I haven't taken my Toefl yet. Going to take it the first thing next year. Make time for practice, Pei Ning. Stop slacking off please thank you.

6. Christmas is coming! I really need to go to shopping malls and admire the beautiful Christmas decorations. Yeah, 13 days into December and I haven't seen a single Christmas decoration yet. Just proves how long I have been staying at home like a total study freak.

7. It is really sad. Come to think that my holiday only lasts for 3 weeks. Forcefully.

8. I'm turning 18 soon. Well, I feel quite scared and nervous. I'm not a birthday person. Definitely not. Turning 18 though, sounds good to me. :)

9. I feel so outdated. Really! The last movie I watched in the cinema? *nervous laughter* You don't want to know. Its ages away. Yeah I need to watch movies. Movies!

10. Just to make the list look perfect, it has to end at ten. But I have nothing to talk about already. Hmm... This holiday is going to be interesting. I promise I will post those that I missed throughout the year. Oh yes that includes post for my trip to Egypt! Eeee I'm a real procrastinator.

Bubble face! *boink boink*
Please pardon my scrap thoughts.
& randomness

Till then!
Lovely, Pei Ning


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