Clearly, I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough because I haven’t been studying much. Biology paper is on Monday, yet, I barely know a few facts about it. I think it is time to feel the tension build up and feel the stress.
I need more motivation. I need less distraction. That’s what I need. Badly.

If you remember my counseling experience from the last post before this, I’m so proud and ecstatic to say that it is finally over. Well, I was this close to being late to the last session.
An hour before it, Justin and I decided to walk over to Hock Lee’s at Jalan Batai for lunch. It was approximately seven minutes walk there under the hot sun. Nonetheless, a great company just makes everything great and laid back. So we stopped by at a typical Chinese coffee shop and ordered Wan Tan Mee. While we chatted, I can’t stop myself from taking glances off the clock hanging on the wall. I sort of like how they haven’t painted the walls in many years and that the paint now turned yellowish, rendering the onceuponatimeinthe60s vibe. :) 
Anyway, 15 minutes passed and our food weren’t here yet, so I went to check on it and that lady literally replied me in a rather frustrated tone that she is preparing it. I went back to my place opposite of Justin’s with that wthinmyface expression. So we waited again. Another five minutes passed and I was quite fidgety then already because my counseling session starts in less than half an hour’s time. I went over to check for the the second time and that aunty gave me the same tone, unfriendly pissed reply. At that point of time, I really felt like cancelling the order and stomp off. Guhh…

In the end, I made it on time to the session and Father Philip told me that this counseling session will be a relaxing one. Being the curious and rebellious me, I asked him, “Why is that so?” in a rather sarcastic tone, since that was what he always asks me in the past three sessions. Oh and it went well, with less awkward moments in between. As promised, I told him how I was stressed over the counseling sessions before, and everything was back to square one again. All the frivolous questioning.
Finally my session ended earlier than expected and I realized it only lasted approximately 45 minutes. Nevertheless, my session was still the longest among the four of us who went for counseling too. I guess he just likes to talk to me that’s all. -.-

Justin went in and came out. He began telling me how Father Philip was giving him a massage at the shoulder area where he hurt himself. I thought, that was gay, and spent the next 15 minutes thinking Father Philip is gay while staring at Justin with that über-disgusted look plastered across my face. It was epic.

Finals starts next Monday and ends a week after. Wish me luck.


We are all a little weird and life's a little weird itself
But when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours
We join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love
Silent moments with you isn’t awkward
Its beautiful
All of a sudden I realized
I was helpless and fragile
Yet only able to succumb to your great force and power of love

Till then,


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