ADP Annual Ball 2010.

Careful – Paramore

Well, I was planning to write a long post for this but due to my endless procrastination, I sorta lost the inspiration to do so since it was long time ago. Well, feels like its more than a month ago.

So, the event was on the 19th of November, Friday. I can still remember vividly that day was Bio group report submission due date. Well, the whole week itself was filled with many assignment submission and it didn’t feel like prom is nearing at all. Not to me, not to my friends. Even my dress, accessories and heels were all a last minute thing. Was too busy with course works.

The event was held in Park Royal. Before that, washed and blew my hair at a saloon Justin’s friend was working at.

Dressed in the short black flowing dress and a pair of silver strap heels, I walked out of the ladies and all I need then was make up to be fully presentable. No. I don’t know how to do it myself but thankfully, I have all my girlfriends to save my face. First was Cassandra, who helped me with the eyeliner. Then Leanne to help with the touch up. Then back to Cassandra with the eye shadow. Then a few more with I don’t remember who. Sorry I can’t remember you and it wasn’t entirely my fault because I was shouted at whenever I attempt to open my eyes or even try to peer through the little slit I forced open to see what was going on. Yeah they raised their voices at me :’(  Nah but I won’t blame them, they just excited for me since they never seen me in makeup. :D

Everything was fine and fun. Awkward moment was when they opened the dance floor for couples and for everyone else. Scarcely a few went up and danced their heart out. Well, that was mainly because the song prepared by the DJ weren’t always prefect for the atmosphere. Thumbs down.

The fun parts were the photo taking sessions in between everything and the hangout session outside of the ballroom. :)

73960_10150107906825873_637650872_7591977_4726297_n 74164_10150107903485873_637650872_7591865_2785948_n IMG_1925 148867_10150107909020873_637650872_7592035_8088431_n

After the prom was some settling unfinished things then off to club at Sheraton for the after party in the heavy downpour. Scary. Never been in KL when it floods and my first time just had to be in the middle of the night in a small car. Darn afraid that the car will just fail on us. Reached there to find everyone hanging around the hotel lobby. So the after party was cancelled due to lousy planning. Its heading home after that.

Removed the makeup and took a warm shower before lying down on the sofa, awaiting text message from the gentleman who sent me home just to make sure he made it home safe. Crawled back to cuddle with my huggies under the nice warm sheet and fell deep into dreamland.

The End.


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