and so,

On My Way Here - Clay Aiken

And so, life goes on.
Two years ago, at this time, I am already in bed. Nice and warm. Oh if you are thinking about nice spring bed with superb comfy quilt cover, you are wrong. I was sleeping on the nicely heated mat, covered with thick cotton blankets, while the temperature outside was just a few degree Celsius to freezing point for water. Yeap it definitely felt as good as how you imagine it to be.
Only problem I had then was that I constantly allow my devious imagination to run wild. Relating the typical Japanese shed to the freakylicious Japanese ghost movie - Ju-On.
Yeap, I was living in a shed. An isolated building where my host family only came to for meals downstairs. It was small. I even had to clean all the thick layers of dust before settling in. Anyway, I'm drifting...
Staring at my YE blazer hanging five feet above from the tip of my toes, and the shadows of the pine trees swaying along with the rhythm of the winter breeze formed on the white surface of the cupboard, I was certain that I felt goosebumps growing out from the surface of my arms.
I was then, in Chiba, Japan, under a Lion's Club Youth Exchange Program. A nicer and more prestigious way to put it is that I was once a Malaysian Youth Ambassador!
Heh... sounds really cool huh? I know I know. *does the hand gestures* :)
Its a wonder how time flies.

I never really liked holidays, especially long holidays. Never really look forward to one.
Reason being that
I won't be seeing people I miss seeing. You get what I mean?
I won't be seeing my friends as often as how I do during schooling days. I love my friends. They are gorgeous people.
I don't get to go for yum cha sessions with them friends during break time.
Being at home, not really a good thing. Yeap, there certainly are days where I can just lie around, be a couch potato in my baggy shirt, comfy shorts and hair in a messy bun and no one gives a damn about it. Those are the days I don't mind at all!
Being at home, feeling incredibly bored. Aimless, yet not allowed to leave the home. That sucks. Just had to sit in front of the computer for some virtual indulgence while waiting for my skin to grow on the chair I sit on.
Being at home, doing all the house chores. That sucks to the core. No further comments on that.

On a brighter and more positive perspective, I get to go out! Christmas holiday is coming soon too. I adore Christmas decorations. So beautiful. Bring smile to my face. :)

p.s.: Always keep your hopes up high, the best has yet to come. xx

Stay tuned for more posts! Toodleloo~


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