Day 365.

Today. Last day of the year.
I'd usually have loads to write about when it comes to this. But this time round, I turned the corner to find dead end.
Overwhelmed with tons of feelings. Whether feelings that will bring smiles. Whether feelings that will bring tears. Though it seems to me those carrying with them the negative vibe is currently dominating my mood and playing tricks with my mind. While the others quickly scrambled into their hiding spot, keeping safe from the cursed.
Doesn't feel good at all. Always kept far away from the desired. It feels like there is an invisible force field, keeping guard, the invincible aura, playing role of that Great Wall of China. There's just so much a young heart can take. Such a pity. Pathetic.
The year passed by swiftly, irrefutably.
So much to reminisce about. Too much to be able to contain it in this virtual diary of mine. Well, I just hope they all stay lingering in my mind till my face turns wrinkly and hair turns snow white. Okay that might sound a little crazy since we don't even know our fate and whether fellow Earthlings can survive year 2012 as stated in the mystery calender by the Mayans. Yeah we don't.

Well, what a way to end the year.
However, I always believe the preceding year is always not as good as the current and hence, year 2011 will be a better one. So put up a great smile and usher the new year with a bright and positive heart.

I think I miss you too much
That's why my heart aches
That's why my eyes tears
To the sight of your beautiful features

Happy New Year Folks.
Signing out for the year, PeiNingLee.


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