blood. Its red,

California Girls - Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog

Just imagine, a stream of blood gushing out from your very veins. Spooky huh?
Nah... Its gonna save lives. So it doesn't really matter to me. Besides, I am pretty proud of it myself. :)


I actually had a really bad first experience if you want to know. A really nasty one. With all the agony, bruises for weeks, that whole process of blood donation till the recovery period haunts me till present day. Well, I got to say getting that amateur nurse who didn't really bother if she poked the right place that passes through my veins, was really the worst possible thing ever because the blood wouldn't flow at all. I initially supposed to donate 300ml and thanks to her, i couldn't even reach 250ml. Gah... !$#@%&

But, Lady Luck is certainly with me this time. A yay for that!

Monday morning,
I filled my stomach with unusually large amount of food before leaving home; I want to make sure I am in a perfect condition for a blood donation! I ate a cup of oat and biscuits! Seeing that I don't really have good appetite in the morning, thumbs up for being able to eat that much. Funny thing was, the doctor who did the pre-blood donating test asked me if my sister and I are twins. Weird. We don't even share similar faces. We don't even look like siblings. I was dark, my sister was not. So, I couldn't gather my guts to actually look at the process of the injection, which wasn't a big thing. And the process of poking the thick needle, which was a big thing. Not yet. Maybe i will in the near future. My next blood donation. At least three months away from now. *squeals* To fill up the packet, it was fast this time. I gawked at the machine that rocks back and forth in an interval of three seconds. I certainly looked like someone who just came out from an asylum and was amused with that little yellow thing that rocks. Well, a newbie. Can't help it.
Some weird scenario over there. An Indian man refused to drink at least a cup of coffee before leaving. Apparently, he's mute. The nurse who was in charge of 'poking' me actually muttered, "Macam mana cakap 'mesti makan' kepada orang bisu?". I cracked a silent laughter while watching her gesturing the man with all the uncoordinated and awkward movements. The people there certainly treat blood donors like royals. Flawless service with a smile. :)
I treated myself a cup of justnicetemperature Milo, one piece of muffin and two pieces of tuna sandwich. That will do. Kept my stomach from growling till lunch time. My appetite is growing, I am gaining weight again! Yay! At least I don't feel anorexic

Social Psychology. I'm getting pretty apprehensive about finals. It is in two weeks time. I am certainly not studying. Not putting my plans to do so into action. I just don't want to get lousy grades. I guess cuddling with my jacket in class was a bad idea after all. Plus, the comfortable seats, justniceroomtemperature, I dozed off during lecture and eventually slept through the whole chapter on aggression. Does this mean I deserve a punch in the face for doing forbidden stuffs like this? Cause I really feel like I do.
As for Sociology's participant observation, I got to say, its the first time in my human history that I manage to complete work in such a short period of time. I usually slack through my assignments, only doing them when I find words, inspirations and initiative, stop the moment ideas jammed up in the middle. Its an achievement. So, *shoots confetti*! :)

Its 2.30am right now. I'm up. I'm blogging. I'm waiting for the next match; Portugal vs Spain. Who am I rooting for? NO IDEA! :D
Class starts in 12 hours time. So I still have time to sleep even after the match. yay to that again!


I'm off...
Taa~ Evelyn.

and this is why I don't believe in magic;

Future Love - Kristinia Debarge

I find myself easily deceived by magic tricks even though they are technical. More heartbreaks


Woke up at 6 in the morning to Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris's Break Your Heart. Indeed, broken hearted. Four hours of sleep. That sucked. Totally sucked the daylight and joy out of me. Sleep deprivation is turning me to a zombie. Woo~
We watched She's Out of My League in Social Psychology class. It was a pretty feel-good movie with only simple and common storyline. I guess that was why i felt the movie rather relevant. The bad thing about watching that movie was that we were given a choice to write a movie review using psychology theories that we have learnt previously to explain the situations from it. Its a two marks bonus if we did, so why not? Just that I'm being lazy. Planning to do it anyway, for the sake of my grades.
I wasn't sure if class cancellation was a news to rejoice to. First, the discussion on Sociology group project has been cancelled for a rather silly reason. Then, I find myself strolling aimlessly at Mid Valley with Vanesse, Justin & Xiau Wei. A visit back to Toys"R"Us was sure nostalgic. Those little things we used to play as kiddos just makes me miss childhood even more than ever, albeit the more advanced toys the shop has got to offer now.

I feel woozy and weak. My nose hates me and is making its escape from my face. That's a great news. I was Justin who was sick at first. Then I picked up the trend. It has been a while since I fall sick. I wonder if I can have my favorite Sick-labelled nightmare tonight! Well, its not really a nightmare, but more like the mind is playing tricks, creating loads of cool illusions with eyes wide open. Its either the things around me are gradually getting bigger or shrinking to really small pieces, making me feel like Alice in Wonderland or Thumbelina. (: Plus, it is totally awesome when I can actually hear my heart beat pacing up then slows down in such an irregular pattern. At that rate, I usually lie as still as possible as the littlest movement will cause the illusion to worsen and of course, eliciting adrenaline and fear.
That's why cool thing is rare. It only happens when I fall sick.
And, it is not guaranteed that I'll get that awesome "illusion" every time I do.
I guess I'll just anticipate. :D

Did I mention how everything you do remains unfathomable to me after so long? Its either you are acting all weird relative to your nature, or I don't already have the ability to 'solve' you.

&because when I say it is a secret, it is a secret that we both share.

Lovely, EvelynLee

a quarter of 5BR;

Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha

Quote of the day: Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. - C.S. Lewis


19th June, 2010.

Another reunion for 5BR has been organized by Khai Sern & Mei Yi, the forever enthusiastic pair (partners, not couple). Well, I guess even after leaving high school and parted ways, we never really changed, I mean the attitudes of the people from our class. Bunch of slackers, couldn'tbebotheredless attitudes. Bad. Bad.
First, the venue wasn't decided. Sunway or 1U?
Then, the place for dinner wasn't decided. Jack's place? TGIF? Or Chillis?
Come on! It was all messed up. Everybody started ringing each other up to set a place to gather upon arrival and ended up in front of the women's lingerie shop - Xixili, the whole gang of us. We strolled around the area, way too anxious & driven by the urge to catch up with one another. Many times, we drifted away from the restaurant decision making. Other shoppers scowled at us, scrutinized us with suspicious expressions plastered on. You can't even imagine how embarrassing it was being in that kind of situation.
Anyway, it was Jack's place in the end. ShiMin, MeiYi & I had fun collecting money for the bill! :D
Day ended great. The waiter who took our order has a cute personality. :)

The Girls,

The Guys,

The People.


I saw a guy playing the piano so melodiously. He wore spectacle. I didn't know it was you. Kelvin, you were awesome. Liking your charisma there. <3

Love, EvelynLee

Bandana? Owh... Lingam the HELP bus driver! (:

Waka Waka - Shakira

I kept my promise and is feeling pretty glad~

Lingam, the coolest bus driver at HELP. Yesterday, 20th of June, was his birthday. It was a Sunday so in order to celebrate for him, we decided to have this bandana day today where HELP students are supposed to wear bandanas.
Wondering why bandana? Cause Lingam wears a bandana over his head every single day! Rain or shine, the man with bandana is at your service. He has great smile! :)


Malaysians. Many people are actually well aware of this little thing that we put up to show our appreciation towards the driver with pro driving skills. Yet, there were barely five people whom I saw wearing bandanas. Such a big disappointment. I guess the creator of the "Lingam is my favorite HELP bus driver" page in Facebook felt more than I did. Justin said I was sporting, wearing that bandana, albeit not taking the bus to main block. I got to say, I AM INDEED! :D

FIFA SOUTH AFRICA 2010 update: Portugal vs North Korea; 7-0 Cheers! :D

Love, Eve.

a little less than ordinary;

How to Touch A Girl - JoJo



Thursdays for this semester.
I don't know to love it or to loathe it.
First was the early morning class, which unfortunately begins at 8 o'clock. I have to wake up early despite sleeping late the previous night. Then, a long Social Psychology lecture, which drags on for three long hours. Short breaks in between, me look forward to. :) After class, a long break for five hours with nothing to do but to slack and wait for time to pass. It is definitely NOT an easy task to not do anything! Sociology class is at 4 o'clock, napping time. That is why I always struggle to listen and to keep myself wide awake. Again, it is tough. Class ends at 5.30pm. Route back home will be all jammed up. Annoying. :S
As you see, Thursday is all about the extremes and that makes Thursday such an awesome day.

Thursday. Yesterday. Drifted a little away from the boring, usual, mundane Thursday routine. Woke up to Ke$ha's and feelin' indeed, a little like P. Diddy. Had a feeling that a great day ahead is awaiting. Fitted into my orange tank top and a pair of Levi's, I skipped down the stairs humming Secrets. Was imagining the melodious cello part which I am so in love with. Definitely in the mood!
A glass of freshly blended fruit juice by mummy was sufficient for a healthy start for the day. It was unusual to have my mum prepare fruit juice for me that early in the morning. Thank you for that! <3
Class was a little less boring. Maybe it was because of my perkiness since morning. Amanda, Loh and I sneaked away from Psychology discussion to the car park mamak at Wisma HELP. It was unusual for me to splurge out on candies! Princess began to put up with her princessy bimbotic attitude as she speaks and we joined in with loads of Indian accents. She rolled her eyes, we grinned with satisfaction. Hilarious!
I was all alone after that and decided to crash the Anthropology class. Got lots of What-The-Hell-Is-This-Girl-Doing-Here looks but who cares? Many people crash classes. Plus, the lecturer is Joe. :D

Went to McD with Melody and Justin. Stoned there. Tristan entered the restaurant and I went over to join him shortly after that. Caught up a bit. Went to main block's DSA. Ben was there again, playing pingpong with Reuben and his friends. So then, we pulled Ben out from his game to join our pool game! :P My second time pool-ing. Some good moments, some embarrassing ones. It was great overall. Justin was good, though he denied it.
Sociology class was ordinary with a little humor here and there. Fun part was, quiz was a take-home thing. That leaves us the weekend to complete it with the internet and textbook to search for answers. Joe, my lecturer rocks!

Today will be less of boring too! SASA meeting, high school class gathering tonight! Life's great all of a sudden. Fete de la Musique is coming~ I'll be at The Curve, the whole day.
Stay tuned :)

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all, I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.

Love, EvelynLee.


Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66 - Chopin (Yundi Li)

&because you never know the pain inflicted on me when you always try to be the good guy.


Today, I got up the car and inclined the seat completely. As the car drift down the highway swiftly, my eyes was fixed on the beautiful cloud formations outside the window. White. Fluffy. Cotton. Mellow. Amused. I tried to patch up the crooked edges of the clouds to form various images, smiling to myself with every successful attempt. Little girls in their petite yet detailed party dresses. Humming familiar tunes to the playlist, I let my head rock to the movements of the car underneath the hood of my Pooh Jacket. Occasionally, the warm rays of sunlight embrace my body to regulate the cold of the air condition. Felt like spring. Carefree. Tired. Dozed off. :)
Darkness of the night reigned, casting a veil over the entire city, rendered a sense of serenity. It would have felt like it was daytime at the city center, but it certainly would not felt the same at the suburb areas and country sides where cricket sings. I cuddled by the window pane, wrapping my arms around my knees, staring out at the dark sky aimlessly. It was a moonless night. Not new moon. Just simply moonless. I saw the leaves of the trees sway from afar, i imagined them rustle at the back of my mind. Occasionally, small dots of light blinked in the sky. Was it a star? Nah... Just an airplane taking flight. Moments later, it would be gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Lost from sight. The sweet lullaby I played repeatedly in my head. Soothing. Tranquil. Fell into gentle slumber. :)

Vampires don't sleep, according to Stephenie Meyers (though I am not a fan of her vampire-teenage-girl's-love-life oriented storybooks). That is, if vampires ever existed.
I wish I have a "BEWAREvampire" switch, where I can switch it on and off as I like, letting me attain the ability to stay up late at night for certain purposes like completing assignments and cramming for exams. Don't drink blood. Though blood tastes rather good in small amounts. Yes. I taste my own blood.

&because the only reason I dress up nicely is to make you notice me.

Random toodles~

Lovely, EvelynLee

that, (:

Love Story Meets Viva la Vida - Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson

Quote of the Day: Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. - Dean Acheson


FIFA? I know. But I don't seem to have the energy to stay up late for those highly anticipated matches. Its late at night and I need my beauty sleep. (:
I used to watch many matches for the past seasons, albeit not supporting any of the countries at all. Hey... I witnessed Zinedine Zidane's historical heat-butt moment kay?
You must be wondering why am I so frivolous, watching football when I am not supporting no one. Well, the main reason was to shout goal when someone scores one. :D It is fun, at least to me.
The previous match of US vs UK was an utter disappointment. I guess many out there rooted for UK. Well, at least I was interested in knowing the end result of the match. Alas, it was a draw -.-
Another epic match of Germany vs Australia inevitably became a laughing stock. 4-0 with Germany emerging as the winner. Aussie, back your bags and return to homeland for more practices. (:

My friend once said that football is a stupid game; men with balls chasing after a ball. That's a rather rude way to say something about such game when it has won over the hearts of many. Well, I guess you can't please everybody with one thing. :D

I should be going to class now. Till then~

Love, EvelynLee.

falls, thud;

Footprints in the Sand - Leona Lewis

Quote of the day : I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. - E.B.White

I died.
I died looking.
I died looking at it.
I died looking at my mid term marks.
I died looking at it.
I died looking.
I died.


Does talking to me make you feel a little less dumb? Cause I think so.

Life's average. It has its draw backs, no doubt, though I have no alternative choices but to force myself to walk the hardest path. Sometimes I wonder, why can't life be like stories in kinder books we read as a toddler? All about happy endings, rainbows, unicorns, flower blooms et cetera. Reading those books now is merely an action directed to more painful heartbreaks. As when you turn the last page of the book to stare at the two great words marking the end of a happy beginning, you'll just find yourself bouncing back into reality with such a vigorous jerk that it hurts hell.

I guess I don't have enough driving force into initiating anything at all. I'm half-hearted. I'm inconsistent. I'm not trustworthy. Period. I can't seem to find myself feeling enthusiastic about something and eventually give my whole into completing something and feel good about it. I don't. I always make aims that I, at the moment believe that I can fulfill it at the end of the day. I always tell myself that I will start doing this, I will finish doing that, I will do this, I will do that. But when I actually put myself through it, I ended up feeling frustrated, worn out, fed up, disgusted by the idea of me being an utter failure. Could it be that I'm a perfectionist in disguise? Nah... Simply impossible. I certainly feel like I'm constantly living in self-denial, where I constantly trying to please my feelings when I know feeling better ain't gonna change the fact that things' screwed up and needs to be unwind. What am I to do now? Sit and rot? Or try to turn the wheels around?

Something is coming to an end. And I am rather happy about it. Less awkwardness, hello freedom. That's why sometimes you just feel like life ain't gonna be perfect with things like that interfering with your progress of molding things to fit your own. That's why sometimes suspense just make you want to rip your heart out and let it beat for survival. That's why sometimes you feel like running across the road when there's a posh car speeding pass. That's why love is not sufficient to make you feel appreciated. That's why people have suicidal thoughts.

Progress Checklist:
- Social Psychology first proposal (/)
- Social Psychology final proposal ( )
- Sociology Project ( )

All this just to prove how screwed I am for now. :(

For everyone out there, you are all invited to attend the Fete de la Musique!

Type: Music/Arts - Concert

Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010
Time: 10.00am - 10.00pm
Location: Low Yat & The Curve

It will be a blast! Come join the fun! :D

Its 1.40am and I am feeling tired. I am finally retrieving my old self. Plus, I am rather satisfied this time. Thank you. Its an achievement. (:

Taa~ Lovely.

Yada Yada~

Impossible - Shontelle

One of my friend's personal message writes: What is life?
I think my answer to that would be: Life is meaningful yet full of lies. :(

A sleepless night. Indeed. Four days ago, Vanesse proclaimed with much pride in her voice that she managed to resist the temptation of the internet especially Facebook (a popular site where people often invest their precious time working on it), instead, study hard for her mid-term. I immediately associated myself to an epic failure, an idiot at the back of my mind. I couldn't help but to realize that I was so hooked up to the internet that I could barely find the motivation to study for mid-term besides feeling anxious about it.
I guess after I reluctantly put a halt to surfing the net until my mid-term is over, I was beginning to feel the tension, the stress, creeping up from the back of my shoulder and conquered my helpless soul. I stayed up till wee hours of the morning just to cram all those psychological terms and definitions into my felt-like-pea-sized brain. I really felt like it was going to explode into minute pieces of fragments

The mid-term turned out to be rather bad. I was staring at the MCQs with frantic eyes, trying to fathom the questions. With the tip of my mechanical pencil pointing at each answer for each question, I did not know which was the right one for most of the questions. Essay... That word freaks me out. I scanned briefly at the four questions while pondering which two to pick. Alas, I knew little for every one of them.
Clock was ticking. Invigilators feeling restless. Students leaving one by one. I was panicking

I had a long six hours break till my next class. Obviously, I was tired, fatigued, bored. I agreed to Subway that afternoon. Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham was Thursday's special. It was divine, besides being able to satiate my hunger and longing for Subway! :P
Tagged along with Justin to Chillax. I was dreaming at the time, clueless that he was spamming my cbox when all I saw at the time, was him, busy fiddling around with his laptop.

Yesterday was certainly one of the worst day I had. I was being forced to do something I didn't want to for the entire day, despite a one-day trip to Batu Caves and up to Genting.

Ugh... nevermind that. Yesterday was my good day for playing the piano though. Totally felt it. I wish I have Good-Piano-Day everyday.
Woot. Sorry. I think I'm boring you out. Till then~

Today, I found out that "ipod!" is still "ipod!" upside down. I'm pretty amazed. MLIA

Lovely, EvelynLee.


Muse/String Quartet - Map of Your Head

Quote of the Day: Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. - William James


Males. They are the species on Earth who possess natural talent of putting females into deep thoughts. Maybe that is because they feel that we do not have enough in our minds and therefore, constantly trying to make us contemplate and ponder about little things that they do, which obviously puzzles the female community. Oh heck!? What on earth am I babbling about? -.-
In a nutshell, females DO NOT understand males entirely despite the efforts put in for every attempts made, and vice versa.
The Mighty one up there above us, in the air, invisible, whatever and wherever you think He may be; God, made the two genders to have such evolutionary differences to make sure that the natural cycle of "opposite attracts" persist. He is beyond a genius. Well, I guess that is why I think He will never lose a round in chess. The unseen, unfathomable thoughts and behaviors of the opposite gender induce curiosity and eventually, encourage the blossom of interest into speaking, communicating with the other partner either verbally, physically, electricity or any other possible methods made available to forms of communication.
I guess this explains why I often find myself more attracted to guys compared to girls. Not that I don't go along well with girls but I find communicating with guys can further stimulate my interests and definitely my senses. Sorry girls. I don't mean to condemn. :(
Could that because of my 35-40 percent of male-prone nature that probably makes me feel better around human beings with testosterone running in them rather than oestrogen and progesterone? Well, you can't blame me entirely too as my girlfriends and I noticed many other girls' conversation topics are almost similar, which obviously revolves around guys, cute guys, clothes, fashion, hair et cetera, whatever you can think a girl can talk about when she hangs out with her group of girlfriends. Fyi, those things bore me out to death. I normally just hang around them for a bit to just catch up a little before I make my escape to some guy area. I did that all the time back at high school, it was exhilarating! At least the boy friends I know don't always talk about computer games, online gaming cause that kinda sucks too! (:
Anyhow, the guys. I think they like talking to me too since they never chase me away when I join their conversation, instead, pulling me into the conversation the moment i sat down with them. It was fun.
Wondering about classes? Nah... even though the teacher is in front talking, we continued talking through the eyes. Interesting huh? Well, that's the only thing we can do besides passing paper notes which will only be way too obvious to get caught and therefore only dumb enough people communicate like that. Unless. Unless we are all ventriloquists! Just like the great Phantom of the opera. Wee~
Oh. I drifted off topic. Anyway, so yeah. I think I am one weird girl among my girlfriends. (:
But that's not a bad thing I guess, at least I'm less ordinary, more special and because of that, I stand out? :D

I thought we were playing hide and seek, but when I counted till what seemed like forever, you never found me when I was just hiding under the table.

Note to self: Come on Pei Ning... Study. You don't want to regret it later. Make it happen!

American Honey - Lady Antebellum

Taa~ Lovely.


Vanila Twilight - Owl City


Notice the sense of irony? The picture above says a contradictory sentence compared to the song I am listening to. Oh well

I struggled against my will of wanting to keep my eyes shut as if the world hasn't moved on without me when Orianthi's song sounded as my alarm.
"Oh crap. 8.00am class. Great. "
Drove to college as usual and attended class. Dr. Goh was the lecturer. Well, I think I have never mentioned how cute and cuddly he is. Exactly like a human sized, human featured teddy bear. He has a cute personality and I especially like it when he includes jokes so extemporaneously in his examples. Not that I have a crush on him but he is, indeed a great lecturer. I am going to miss him as after today, he won't be teaching us anymore, instead Kenneth Phun, the head of Department of Psychology. I don't think I will like that man. Call me a hypocrite. But I think he fired Dr. Annie
Cassandra, as usual, tagged along with Loh, Amanda and I to Chillax yet did not eat anything from there. I am learning to become immune to her weird, inexplicable act of "dieting". When we first set foot in the cafe, it was full with other customers who were obviously college students as well. With the exception of those reserved tables, we were only left with a small round table of two. Nonetheless, two gentlemen, whom I got to know from their reference books and notes, were Law students, let us have their table out of the blue. I was flattered. As I said a cheerful thank you to the guy in white T, he muttered "pleasure" in a very British-like accent. That used to be an insignificant word, became utmost important to me all of a sudden. I was pondering for about five to ten minutes about that word and the way he said it so effortlessly and with much swagger in a way.
This in a way proves that smallest and random act of kindness is able to touch people's heart. Well, at least my heart. :)
I lost my bookmark. The one the Mexican guy, whom I met at Japan Youth Exchange Program gave to me. I went all the way back to the auditorium to look for it, then follow the route I took to see if I have a chance of retrieving it but to no avail. With much disappointment, I headed back to level 9 to Loh with a frown put on my face. I love that bookmark! Its the one and only one I have, in other words - unique. Oh well, I guess I really lost it now. Sigh.
I actually went "HOMG!" when I found out that it was no longer with me.
I regretted not taking a picture of it. Now it can only remain in a small piece of my mind till it slowly fades away from my vague memory. :'(

I want to be the girl that makes your bad day better. The one that makes you say; My life has changed since I met her.

I wish that you could be there to stroke my forehead when I frown.

Love, EvelynLee.


Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood

Is it just me? Or the weather determines the first hour of my mood after I open my eyes in the morning?


As I drove the car heading down the usual route to college this afternoon with my mum supervising from the passenger seat, a heart-warming sight caught me off guard. The sight of a couple holding hands, chattering joyfully while strolling along the side walk, distracted me momentarily from the straight road ahead. It certainly brightens up my day, albeit not in a very large scale of impact. I definitely perked up a little more than before, thus, raising the degree of happiness of my happiness scale. The inexplicable fact that the littlest things in our daily life are able to turn our mood a noticeable degree
Class was as usual with me, busy taking notes while keeping my mind preoccupied with Joe's explanations. Just then, I find an emptiness about the classroom despite having Rozanna, who obviously wasn't in the class for the previous lessons. Mr. Justin is absent. Got to know that he wasn't feeling quite well through MSN chat with him. It is funny how people say that they don't feel well yet able to crawl their way to the computer and use it. *shrugs*

Today was just another day for me.
How was yours?
I believe, however, that tomorrow is going to be better than today.


I am a happy person,
That is what people see me as a person.
I am always smiling,
That is what people tell me all the time.
I have a brilliant smile,
That is what people say they like about me.
I am frank and random,
That is why people say they like to talk to me.
I am clever,
That is what people think just because I score well in exams.
But to be frank,
I am just another human being trying to live up to her life.

Love, Evelyn

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