and this is why I don't believe in magic;

Future Love - Kristinia Debarge

I find myself easily deceived by magic tricks even though they are technical. More heartbreaks


Woke up at 6 in the morning to Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris's Break Your Heart. Indeed, broken hearted. Four hours of sleep. That sucked. Totally sucked the daylight and joy out of me. Sleep deprivation is turning me to a zombie. Woo~
We watched She's Out of My League in Social Psychology class. It was a pretty feel-good movie with only simple and common storyline. I guess that was why i felt the movie rather relevant. The bad thing about watching that movie was that we were given a choice to write a movie review using psychology theories that we have learnt previously to explain the situations from it. Its a two marks bonus if we did, so why not? Just that I'm being lazy. Planning to do it anyway, for the sake of my grades.
I wasn't sure if class cancellation was a news to rejoice to. First, the discussion on Sociology group project has been cancelled for a rather silly reason. Then, I find myself strolling aimlessly at Mid Valley with Vanesse, Justin & Xiau Wei. A visit back to Toys"R"Us was sure nostalgic. Those little things we used to play as kiddos just makes me miss childhood even more than ever, albeit the more advanced toys the shop has got to offer now.

I feel woozy and weak. My nose hates me and is making its escape from my face. That's a great news. I was Justin who was sick at first. Then I picked up the trend. It has been a while since I fall sick. I wonder if I can have my favorite Sick-labelled nightmare tonight! Well, its not really a nightmare, but more like the mind is playing tricks, creating loads of cool illusions with eyes wide open. Its either the things around me are gradually getting bigger or shrinking to really small pieces, making me feel like Alice in Wonderland or Thumbelina. (: Plus, it is totally awesome when I can actually hear my heart beat pacing up then slows down in such an irregular pattern. At that rate, I usually lie as still as possible as the littlest movement will cause the illusion to worsen and of course, eliciting adrenaline and fear.
That's why cool thing is rare. It only happens when I fall sick.
And, it is not guaranteed that I'll get that awesome "illusion" every time I do.
I guess I'll just anticipate. :D

Did I mention how everything you do remains unfathomable to me after so long? Its either you are acting all weird relative to your nature, or I don't already have the ability to 'solve' you.

&because when I say it is a secret, it is a secret that we both share.

Lovely, EvelynLee


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