Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66 - Chopin (Yundi Li)

&because you never know the pain inflicted on me when you always try to be the good guy.


Today, I got up the car and inclined the seat completely. As the car drift down the highway swiftly, my eyes was fixed on the beautiful cloud formations outside the window. White. Fluffy. Cotton. Mellow. Amused. I tried to patch up the crooked edges of the clouds to form various images, smiling to myself with every successful attempt. Little girls in their petite yet detailed party dresses. Humming familiar tunes to the playlist, I let my head rock to the movements of the car underneath the hood of my Pooh Jacket. Occasionally, the warm rays of sunlight embrace my body to regulate the cold of the air condition. Felt like spring. Carefree. Tired. Dozed off. :)
Darkness of the night reigned, casting a veil over the entire city, rendered a sense of serenity. It would have felt like it was daytime at the city center, but it certainly would not felt the same at the suburb areas and country sides where cricket sings. I cuddled by the window pane, wrapping my arms around my knees, staring out at the dark sky aimlessly. It was a moonless night. Not new moon. Just simply moonless. I saw the leaves of the trees sway from afar, i imagined them rustle at the back of my mind. Occasionally, small dots of light blinked in the sky. Was it a star? Nah... Just an airplane taking flight. Moments later, it would be gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Lost from sight. The sweet lullaby I played repeatedly in my head. Soothing. Tranquil. Fell into gentle slumber. :)

Vampires don't sleep, according to Stephenie Meyers (though I am not a fan of her vampire-teenage-girl's-love-life oriented storybooks). That is, if vampires ever existed.
I wish I have a "BEWAREvampire" switch, where I can switch it on and off as I like, letting me attain the ability to stay up late at night for certain purposes like completing assignments and cramming for exams. Don't drink blood. Though blood tastes rather good in small amounts. Yes. I taste my own blood.

&because the only reason I dress up nicely is to make you notice me.

Random toodles~

Lovely, EvelynLee


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