Bandana? Owh... Lingam the HELP bus driver! (:

Waka Waka - Shakira

I kept my promise and is feeling pretty glad~

Lingam, the coolest bus driver at HELP. Yesterday, 20th of June, was his birthday. It was a Sunday so in order to celebrate for him, we decided to have this bandana day today where HELP students are supposed to wear bandanas.
Wondering why bandana? Cause Lingam wears a bandana over his head every single day! Rain or shine, the man with bandana is at your service. He has great smile! :)


Malaysians. Many people are actually well aware of this little thing that we put up to show our appreciation towards the driver with pro driving skills. Yet, there were barely five people whom I saw wearing bandanas. Such a big disappointment. I guess the creator of the "Lingam is my favorite HELP bus driver" page in Facebook felt more than I did. Justin said I was sporting, wearing that bandana, albeit not taking the bus to main block. I got to say, I AM INDEED! :D

FIFA SOUTH AFRICA 2010 update: Portugal vs North Korea; 7-0 Cheers! :D

Love, Eve.


Anonymous said...
Monday, September 20, 2010

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- Norman

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