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Love Story Meets Viva la Vida - Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson

Quote of the Day: Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. - Dean Acheson


FIFA? I know. But I don't seem to have the energy to stay up late for those highly anticipated matches. Its late at night and I need my beauty sleep. (:
I used to watch many matches for the past seasons, albeit not supporting any of the countries at all. Hey... I witnessed Zinedine Zidane's historical heat-butt moment kay?
You must be wondering why am I so frivolous, watching football when I am not supporting no one. Well, the main reason was to shout goal when someone scores one. :D It is fun, at least to me.
The previous match of US vs UK was an utter disappointment. I guess many out there rooted for UK. Well, at least I was interested in knowing the end result of the match. Alas, it was a draw -.-
Another epic match of Germany vs Australia inevitably became a laughing stock. 4-0 with Germany emerging as the winner. Aussie, back your bags and return to homeland for more practices. (:

My friend once said that football is a stupid game; men with balls chasing after a ball. That's a rather rude way to say something about such game when it has won over the hearts of many. Well, I guess you can't please everybody with one thing. :D

I should be going to class now. Till then~

Love, EvelynLee.


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