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Quote of the day: Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. - C.S. Lewis


19th June, 2010.

Another reunion for 5BR has been organized by Khai Sern & Mei Yi, the forever enthusiastic pair (partners, not couple). Well, I guess even after leaving high school and parted ways, we never really changed, I mean the attitudes of the people from our class. Bunch of slackers, couldn'tbebotheredless attitudes. Bad. Bad.
First, the venue wasn't decided. Sunway or 1U?
Then, the place for dinner wasn't decided. Jack's place? TGIF? Or Chillis?
Come on! It was all messed up. Everybody started ringing each other up to set a place to gather upon arrival and ended up in front of the women's lingerie shop - Xixili, the whole gang of us. We strolled around the area, way too anxious & driven by the urge to catch up with one another. Many times, we drifted away from the restaurant decision making. Other shoppers scowled at us, scrutinized us with suspicious expressions plastered on. You can't even imagine how embarrassing it was being in that kind of situation.
Anyway, it was Jack's place in the end. ShiMin, MeiYi & I had fun collecting money for the bill! :D
Day ended great. The waiter who took our order has a cute personality. :)

The Girls,

The Guys,

The People.


I saw a guy playing the piano so melodiously. He wore spectacle. I didn't know it was you. Kelvin, you were awesome. Liking your charisma there. <3

Love, EvelynLee


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