Vanila Twilight - Owl City


Notice the sense of irony? The picture above says a contradictory sentence compared to the song I am listening to. Oh well

I struggled against my will of wanting to keep my eyes shut as if the world hasn't moved on without me when Orianthi's song sounded as my alarm.
"Oh crap. 8.00am class. Great. "
Drove to college as usual and attended class. Dr. Goh was the lecturer. Well, I think I have never mentioned how cute and cuddly he is. Exactly like a human sized, human featured teddy bear. He has a cute personality and I especially like it when he includes jokes so extemporaneously in his examples. Not that I have a crush on him but he is, indeed a great lecturer. I am going to miss him as after today, he won't be teaching us anymore, instead Kenneth Phun, the head of Department of Psychology. I don't think I will like that man. Call me a hypocrite. But I think he fired Dr. Annie
Cassandra, as usual, tagged along with Loh, Amanda and I to Chillax yet did not eat anything from there. I am learning to become immune to her weird, inexplicable act of "dieting". When we first set foot in the cafe, it was full with other customers who were obviously college students as well. With the exception of those reserved tables, we were only left with a small round table of two. Nonetheless, two gentlemen, whom I got to know from their reference books and notes, were Law students, let us have their table out of the blue. I was flattered. As I said a cheerful thank you to the guy in white T, he muttered "pleasure" in a very British-like accent. That used to be an insignificant word, became utmost important to me all of a sudden. I was pondering for about five to ten minutes about that word and the way he said it so effortlessly and with much swagger in a way.
This in a way proves that smallest and random act of kindness is able to touch people's heart. Well, at least my heart. :)
I lost my bookmark. The one the Mexican guy, whom I met at Japan Youth Exchange Program gave to me. I went all the way back to the auditorium to look for it, then follow the route I took to see if I have a chance of retrieving it but to no avail. With much disappointment, I headed back to level 9 to Loh with a frown put on my face. I love that bookmark! Its the one and only one I have, in other words - unique. Oh well, I guess I really lost it now. Sigh.
I actually went "HOMG!" when I found out that it was no longer with me.
I regretted not taking a picture of it. Now it can only remain in a small piece of my mind till it slowly fades away from my vague memory. :'(

I want to be the girl that makes your bad day better. The one that makes you say; My life has changed since I met her.

I wish that you could be there to stroke my forehead when I frown.

Love, EvelynLee.


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