a little less than ordinary;

How to Touch A Girl - JoJo



Thursdays for this semester.
I don't know to love it or to loathe it.
First was the early morning class, which unfortunately begins at 8 o'clock. I have to wake up early despite sleeping late the previous night. Then, a long Social Psychology lecture, which drags on for three long hours. Short breaks in between, me look forward to. :) After class, a long break for five hours with nothing to do but to slack and wait for time to pass. It is definitely NOT an easy task to not do anything! Sociology class is at 4 o'clock, napping time. That is why I always struggle to listen and to keep myself wide awake. Again, it is tough. Class ends at 5.30pm. Route back home will be all jammed up. Annoying. :S
As you see, Thursday is all about the extremes and that makes Thursday such an awesome day.

Thursday. Yesterday. Drifted a little away from the boring, usual, mundane Thursday routine. Woke up to Ke$ha's and feelin' indeed, a little like P. Diddy. Had a feeling that a great day ahead is awaiting. Fitted into my orange tank top and a pair of Levi's, I skipped down the stairs humming Secrets. Was imagining the melodious cello part which I am so in love with. Definitely in the mood!
A glass of freshly blended fruit juice by mummy was sufficient for a healthy start for the day. It was unusual to have my mum prepare fruit juice for me that early in the morning. Thank you for that! <3
Class was a little less boring. Maybe it was because of my perkiness since morning. Amanda, Loh and I sneaked away from Psychology discussion to the car park mamak at Wisma HELP. It was unusual for me to splurge out on candies! Princess began to put up with her princessy bimbotic attitude as she speaks and we joined in with loads of Indian accents. She rolled her eyes, we grinned with satisfaction. Hilarious!
I was all alone after that and decided to crash the Anthropology class. Got lots of What-The-Hell-Is-This-Girl-Doing-Here looks but who cares? Many people crash classes. Plus, the lecturer is Joe. :D

Went to McD with Melody and Justin. Stoned there. Tristan entered the restaurant and I went over to join him shortly after that. Caught up a bit. Went to main block's DSA. Ben was there again, playing pingpong with Reuben and his friends. So then, we pulled Ben out from his game to join our pool game! :P My second time pool-ing. Some good moments, some embarrassing ones. It was great overall. Justin was good, though he denied it.
Sociology class was ordinary with a little humor here and there. Fun part was, quiz was a take-home thing. That leaves us the weekend to complete it with the internet and textbook to search for answers. Joe, my lecturer rocks!

Today will be less of boring too! SASA meeting, high school class gathering tonight! Life's great all of a sudden. Fete de la Musique is coming~ I'll be at The Curve, the whole day.
Stay tuned :)

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all, I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.

Love, EvelynLee.


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