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Impossible - Shontelle

One of my friend's personal message writes: What is life?
I think my answer to that would be: Life is meaningful yet full of lies. :(

A sleepless night. Indeed. Four days ago, Vanesse proclaimed with much pride in her voice that she managed to resist the temptation of the internet especially Facebook (a popular site where people often invest their precious time working on it), instead, study hard for her mid-term. I immediately associated myself to an epic failure, an idiot at the back of my mind. I couldn't help but to realize that I was so hooked up to the internet that I could barely find the motivation to study for mid-term besides feeling anxious about it.
I guess after I reluctantly put a halt to surfing the net until my mid-term is over, I was beginning to feel the tension, the stress, creeping up from the back of my shoulder and conquered my helpless soul. I stayed up till wee hours of the morning just to cram all those psychological terms and definitions into my felt-like-pea-sized brain. I really felt like it was going to explode into minute pieces of fragments

The mid-term turned out to be rather bad. I was staring at the MCQs with frantic eyes, trying to fathom the questions. With the tip of my mechanical pencil pointing at each answer for each question, I did not know which was the right one for most of the questions. Essay... That word freaks me out. I scanned briefly at the four questions while pondering which two to pick. Alas, I knew little for every one of them.
Clock was ticking. Invigilators feeling restless. Students leaving one by one. I was panicking

I had a long six hours break till my next class. Obviously, I was tired, fatigued, bored. I agreed to Subway that afternoon. Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham was Thursday's special. It was divine, besides being able to satiate my hunger and longing for Subway! :P
Tagged along with Justin to Chillax. I was dreaming at the time, clueless that he was spamming my cbox when all I saw at the time, was him, busy fiddling around with his laptop.

Yesterday was certainly one of the worst day I had. I was being forced to do something I didn't want to for the entire day, despite a one-day trip to Batu Caves and up to Genting.

Ugh... nevermind that. Yesterday was my good day for playing the piano though. Totally felt it. I wish I have Good-Piano-Day everyday.
Woot. Sorry. I think I'm boring you out. Till then~

Today, I found out that "ipod!" is still "ipod!" upside down. I'm pretty amazed. MLIA

Lovely, EvelynLee.


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