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Males. They are the species on Earth who possess natural talent of putting females into deep thoughts. Maybe that is because they feel that we do not have enough in our minds and therefore, constantly trying to make us contemplate and ponder about little things that they do, which obviously puzzles the female community. Oh heck!? What on earth am I babbling about? -.-
In a nutshell, females DO NOT understand males entirely despite the efforts put in for every attempts made, and vice versa.
The Mighty one up there above us, in the air, invisible, whatever and wherever you think He may be; God, made the two genders to have such evolutionary differences to make sure that the natural cycle of "opposite attracts" persist. He is beyond a genius. Well, I guess that is why I think He will never lose a round in chess. The unseen, unfathomable thoughts and behaviors of the opposite gender induce curiosity and eventually, encourage the blossom of interest into speaking, communicating with the other partner either verbally, physically, electricity or any other possible methods made available to forms of communication.
I guess this explains why I often find myself more attracted to guys compared to girls. Not that I don't go along well with girls but I find communicating with guys can further stimulate my interests and definitely my senses. Sorry girls. I don't mean to condemn. :(
Could that because of my 35-40 percent of male-prone nature that probably makes me feel better around human beings with testosterone running in them rather than oestrogen and progesterone? Well, you can't blame me entirely too as my girlfriends and I noticed many other girls' conversation topics are almost similar, which obviously revolves around guys, cute guys, clothes, fashion, hair et cetera, whatever you can think a girl can talk about when she hangs out with her group of girlfriends. Fyi, those things bore me out to death. I normally just hang around them for a bit to just catch up a little before I make my escape to some guy area. I did that all the time back at high school, it was exhilarating! At least the boy friends I know don't always talk about computer games, online gaming cause that kinda sucks too! (:
Anyhow, the guys. I think they like talking to me too since they never chase me away when I join their conversation, instead, pulling me into the conversation the moment i sat down with them. It was fun.
Wondering about classes? Nah... even though the teacher is in front talking, we continued talking through the eyes. Interesting huh? Well, that's the only thing we can do besides passing paper notes which will only be way too obvious to get caught and therefore only dumb enough people communicate like that. Unless. Unless we are all ventriloquists! Just like the great Phantom of the opera. Wee~
Oh. I drifted off topic. Anyway, so yeah. I think I am one weird girl among my girlfriends. (:
But that's not a bad thing I guess, at least I'm less ordinary, more special and because of that, I stand out? :D

I thought we were playing hide and seek, but when I counted till what seemed like forever, you never found me when I was just hiding under the table.

Note to self: Come on Pei Ning... Study. You don't want to regret it later. Make it happen!

American Honey - Lady Antebellum

Taa~ Lovely.


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Saturday, June 05, 2010

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