blood. Its red,

California Girls - Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog

Just imagine, a stream of blood gushing out from your very veins. Spooky huh?
Nah... Its gonna save lives. So it doesn't really matter to me. Besides, I am pretty proud of it myself. :)


I actually had a really bad first experience if you want to know. A really nasty one. With all the agony, bruises for weeks, that whole process of blood donation till the recovery period haunts me till present day. Well, I got to say getting that amateur nurse who didn't really bother if she poked the right place that passes through my veins, was really the worst possible thing ever because the blood wouldn't flow at all. I initially supposed to donate 300ml and thanks to her, i couldn't even reach 250ml. Gah... !$#@%&

But, Lady Luck is certainly with me this time. A yay for that!

Monday morning,
I filled my stomach with unusually large amount of food before leaving home; I want to make sure I am in a perfect condition for a blood donation! I ate a cup of oat and biscuits! Seeing that I don't really have good appetite in the morning, thumbs up for being able to eat that much. Funny thing was, the doctor who did the pre-blood donating test asked me if my sister and I are twins. Weird. We don't even share similar faces. We don't even look like siblings. I was dark, my sister was not. So, I couldn't gather my guts to actually look at the process of the injection, which wasn't a big thing. And the process of poking the thick needle, which was a big thing. Not yet. Maybe i will in the near future. My next blood donation. At least three months away from now. *squeals* To fill up the packet, it was fast this time. I gawked at the machine that rocks back and forth in an interval of three seconds. I certainly looked like someone who just came out from an asylum and was amused with that little yellow thing that rocks. Well, a newbie. Can't help it.
Some weird scenario over there. An Indian man refused to drink at least a cup of coffee before leaving. Apparently, he's mute. The nurse who was in charge of 'poking' me actually muttered, "Macam mana cakap 'mesti makan' kepada orang bisu?". I cracked a silent laughter while watching her gesturing the man with all the uncoordinated and awkward movements. The people there certainly treat blood donors like royals. Flawless service with a smile. :)
I treated myself a cup of justnicetemperature Milo, one piece of muffin and two pieces of tuna sandwich. That will do. Kept my stomach from growling till lunch time. My appetite is growing, I am gaining weight again! Yay! At least I don't feel anorexic

Social Psychology. I'm getting pretty apprehensive about finals. It is in two weeks time. I am certainly not studying. Not putting my plans to do so into action. I just don't want to get lousy grades. I guess cuddling with my jacket in class was a bad idea after all. Plus, the comfortable seats, justniceroomtemperature, I dozed off during lecture and eventually slept through the whole chapter on aggression. Does this mean I deserve a punch in the face for doing forbidden stuffs like this? Cause I really feel like I do.
As for Sociology's participant observation, I got to say, its the first time in my human history that I manage to complete work in such a short period of time. I usually slack through my assignments, only doing them when I find words, inspirations and initiative, stop the moment ideas jammed up in the middle. Its an achievement. So, *shoots confetti*! :)

Its 2.30am right now. I'm up. I'm blogging. I'm waiting for the next match; Portugal vs Spain. Who am I rooting for? NO IDEA! :D
Class starts in 12 hours time. So I still have time to sleep even after the match. yay to that again!


I'm off...
Taa~ Evelyn.


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