Absolute chemistry.

I am currently not listening to any song when blogging for the first time in so many posts. But the soundtrack of the Korean drama series - My Fair Lady has been on replay mode in my mind since 8.30pm last night when the movie started. Yeap. 8TV was showing it all these while and yesterday was the last episode of it. It was rather sad seeing two people who are deeply in love with each other cannot be together though they still had a happy ending. 

사랑해... ♥


It was yet, another day out with Justin. Well, I would say I was being a "gentlelady" for accompanying him. Long story short, he had to send his sister to tuition and had to wait a few hours till her tuition ends. Since I was nearby... bla bla bla... you should know what happens next...
Strolled around the mall, hung out at Border's and Starbucks. Pretty laid back and casual, which is what I like best. Oh its back to Taylor Swift, the goddess of modern fairytale and her songs. She's just awesome you know? The lyrics just make sense. Anyway, something happened besides him scaring the hell out of me by creeping up on me quietly from behind. *smacks Justin*
My heart is still bobbing furiously beneath my chest when I recall the whole situation. Its so mind-blogging in a way. I think this feeling is not going to fade away anytime soon. At least, it persists, even after waking up from a good night sleep this morning. Cares heck about what I feel, what goes around comes around. But, I really do love yesterday. 

Little note : I got my FREE HP netbook this morning, thanks to TM. Cool beans... :)
Little note II : Today is one boring day. Tomorrow should be a better day. :)
Little note III : Should I play the piano again? I'm freaking bored... :)
Little note IV : I can't wait to watch SALT! :)

you are the reason why I love you
so don't try any harder...



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