Vampires SUCK!

Vampires suck? Oh hell yes they do.

It feels like the Hannah Montana, Disney era is over before it has even win over the hearts of more youngsters world wide. Not like I think Hannah Montana is cool, but the classic Disney cartoons such as Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, beat Hannah Montana a thousand times! Okay, I’m drifting. Sorry about that.

This new wave of era – nothing but Justin Bieber and Vampires! Come on! Justin Bieber? No offence but the person who threw that bottle towards him rocked socks! About vampires? They are utterly ridiculous and shitty! Overrated. Try walking into a bookstore and you’ll find these vampire story books dominating the whole section of Young Adults. Gives me the creeps. Has anyone seen Twilight movie and the sequels of it? I’m sure many did. They sucked. Really. Even scrutinizing how an old man walks is more interesting than watching those crappy movies. Yeah I read all four books. The first book was okay, fairly decent. It makes you fantasize with the little little romance in it. God… the next three books murdered me. Not only the story sucks, the little little romance were such turn off. I was disgusted. Yes. So ask me why did I even bother reading New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn? My friend lent me those and I was only curious to know how severe desperation was pushing Stephanie Meyers to the completion of her sucky vampire story. Previously, I was watching the Teen Choice Awards and this romance vampire franchise totally dominated the event! I was livid, fuming, furious, while constantly muttering “Overrated” under my breath. This went on for quite a while till I finally couldn’t take the stress anymore that I turned off the television and stomped off. I was pissed. Definitely.

I was notified about this parody of Twilight Saga through Nuffnang. They were then, giving out free screening tickets for Vampires Suck, only if you write interesting enough blog post about how vampires suck and Nuffnang likes it! I should probably stop saying how Justin wrote in and won it and brought me with him but that was how I got to go. Thank you heaps.


The movie was actually not that hilarious. Just another lousy parody of the original movie. Not a big fan. What I like most is that I can actually go, “ Ha! IN YOUR FACE!” to all Twilight fans and also Stephanie Meyers. Yes I do.


Love, Evelyn.


It's Amanda from College :D said...
Thursday, September 02, 2010

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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