First Love.

Taylor Swift - Teardrops on My Guitar

Never in a million light years i would have thought
That all these years we were destined to be as one

You charmed me with your gorgeous appeal
Mesmerised me with your melodious speech
You made me hyperventilate when you stare deep into my eyes
As if you are searching for a clue in it
The passion which exist between us is so fiery
It burns furiously that it hurts so much to think about it

I just want to hold you tight
To feel your presence in my imperfect life
To breath in your after-shaved scent
And rest my head against your broad shoulders
While you embrace my lovingly
And fill me in with the lullabies you wrote about me

You are my first love
And will remain one for eternity


A secret was spoken to you through the eyes
It may be unfathomable to the others
But it all amounted to a tacit confession

Love, eve


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