Librarian 2009

Sometimes, when I contemplate about things, things about librarians hovered in my little mind.

I still feel that our B.O.Ds are not working together as one and librarians are so divided. Not only that, I think Pn. Zaini is trying too hard to take control of everything. Sometimes she did not realise that she is only the teacher adviser of librarians and is supposed to give advise and let the librarians or event committee do the rest.

Probates are a disappointment. Their performances seems to be deteriorating these years. Not to brag that my year was good but we greeted all our seniors cheerfully and not forcefully. Guess people now are getting way to casual and not so civilised.

Overall, I'm satisfied with Mr. President - Kow Kay Jun and Ms. Vice President - Gloria Chan who were doing a great job in keeping the club going and uniting everyone. Great Job.

As for me, I think I slack a lot in this club. Blame me all you want. I'll try to keep up the pace. :D



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