Yuka! I have lots of thing to say about her, yet they are all feelings and are tough to put into words. It felt like we have known each other for quite a while and have totally zero problem in communicating with each other. As i have said, she is hyperactive and the only moment that she can be still and calm is when she is concentrating on her English homework.KLCC! Proceed to Pavilion after that...
In Genting indoor.
Sunway Pyramid

Yes, she brought loads of English assignments to Malaysia to do. She can do her homeowrk till late at night around 2.00am and still got the energy to do. We will always tease her saying, " Faster do, due tomorrow!" and she will laugh her heart out. Is that so funny? She likes to laugh at small stuff - her laugh receptors are too sensitive. Is that a good thing? I don't know. She is kind of obssess with ghost movies also. Guess what? Her first time watching ghost movie is in Malaysia in my house! Shouldn't Japan's ghost movie suppose to be a 100× scarrier than any other countrys' ghost movie?

Surprisingly, she don't mind the odour of the durian although she hate the taste. She don't mind if we eat in front of her, beside her, behind her, around her but as long as we don't toss it near her nose and mouth, fine for her. Wierd huh? All 3 of my YE before her would run away from where the durians are! She is SPECIAL! And she really like many Malaysian cuisine. Really make us happy when she smiles all the way while eating.
Morning market... contrasts to... Night market!
Yau Zhar Guai! Ham Chin Beng! She has problem remembering those...National Monument --> Physically attracted to things?
Yi Xuan, I love her more ( inside joke)


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