This year's RKA Day is later than previous years bacause our school is a bit too happening these days. After Hari Kecemerlangan Akedemik then came mid-year exam. Holiday came right after exam finished and then busy with sports day then RKA day! Coming up this Saturday will be Librarians Installation. Wee~

My mum came later this year. Before that i was joking around with Shu Ning, Khai Sern, Joel and Geber. " Be my mum," i told Shu Ning. " I'll be Joel's dad," said Khai Sern. I beamed at mummy as she arrived right after our Be-My-Parent joke. " Here comes the real mum," Shu Ning joked. I was sitting there with my mum looking at all the teachers' comments. "Good!! Good!!" my mum recited then off we go.

My class has so many competitors this year. So many smarty pants and skirts. Let my list out the top ten :
  1. Shi Min ( Mighty brain , quiet in school)
  2. Renesh ( As cool as Joel, Physics talent)
  3. Sasvin ( Got the nerd look unfortunately but really got the brain)
  4. Danielle ( Go around bragging about her results, the whole world knows she's good)
  5. Mei Yi ( Outgoing, smart but doesn't show it in class, loads of questions during class)
  6. Joel ( Definately an efficient energy, got the ability to freeze ice, sick of his job but does it well, natural mastermind inherited from his dad)
  7. Shu Ning ( Another natural mastermind inherited from her dad, talk nonsense occasionally, no doubts on how clever she is)
  8. Sharon ( Left a bad impression for what she did to me during Form 1, result concern)
  9. Her ( Dislike studying, seldom has a clear mind, always lost, dependant when lost, takes time to find her way out from the maze)
  10. 4 BR student ( no idea who is it)

Went home feeling tired. Plunged into the sofa and fell asleep. Woke up for lunch then continued to sleep. Slept total of about 3 hours and 50 minutes. Not prepared for tomorrow's oral but no worries because Geber, Joel, Shu Ning and Yi Xuan will be before me! Muahaha....Good Luck 4 BR for oral.

Latest news : McD's ice-cream promotion has changed to every first Saturday of the month!


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