Satisfying moment..

Yesterday was the day of the victorious. Overwhelmed i guess?

Woke up at 5.40 before dawn broke over feeling sleepy and tired. Reached school at 6.10am and started preparing for the big day. We appeared as :-
  1. Blue sprayed head
  2. Half blue half white face( Chealsea fans or celcom promoter which is up to you to say)

  3. Something like this...
    Or this? Just joking..

  4. Fake dog bone hanging around our neck
  5. Blue shirt
  6. White pants
  7. White shoes
  8. Leaf around waist

And that's all we put on including the formation and 'Haka' thing to win this thing. Blue rocks this year but still got 2nd postition for house. But we won green house in marching and that was cool. Most of the olahragawan and olahragawati were from our house! We got the most spirit among all the other houses. Haha~~


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