Trip to Malacca

I was hoping to have a Bored-to-Death holiday when my mom told me that we are going back to Malacca to visit my grandmother. At the moment i was stoned completely.

It turned out quite interesting. We continued with our very own ' ice-cream tradition ' . We will walk to the nearest petrol station when the furnace like sun hung high up in the sky to buy ice-cream! Then we will stroll our way back home enjoying the melting ice-cream. My mom's same old comment will be," Crazy ah? Hot sun still go out." Nothing can change our ' tradition ', we went out anyway.

Maybe it is because of holidays, you can see ' jams ' everywhere. Even the small roads of Malacca, i benefited anyway. I stand a chance to take pictures at places i never got a chance to take. Saw something real contrasting and took a quick picture of the old Methodist Church.
One very old building standing beside a very new building..
Convert to CIMB Bank.. Mercedes Showroom..

We came back yesterday and stopped by SS2 Mcdonalds for Sundae Cone as it was only 50 cents every 1st day of the month nationwide.
Back to serious topic... look at the picture below.. do they look sexy?


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