Onga onga ..... miao miao miao........ rawr rawr....

I can almost go insane having such boring holiday. I stay at home almost 24/7 besides going for tuitions. Nobody asked my out, nobody chat with me online. How sad can my holiday be? I can see moss growing on me, feeding on my nutrients for living. I'm practically a living corpse, a zombie, a vampire who dread drinking coke.

Good news is i have finally scrubed my dirty and filthy school shoes clean. Credits to Pn. Kwang who made my shoes filled with mud before exam started. It is clean and shiny now. Prepare to see the cleanest shoe in the whole school. Of course it is not clean to the extend that you can kiss my shoes ( just kidding).

Bad news is the oil price has gone up again. Higher oil prices will lead to an increase in the cost of production across all industries because it is used as fuel or transportation, energy generation and in petrochemicals. As a result, the gregate supply shift leftward, causing cost-push inflation.

However, the government used a killer tactic to convince M'sians that the increase in oil price has not result in an economi crisis in the future. They made a bad comparison of the oil price between M'sia and other countries. They have not considered the income of M'sians and that of other countries' residents. How inconsiderate can the government be and now they have all the M'sians inconsolable and disappointed with the decision of raising oil price.

To be optimistic, less people will drive their car around and therefore reduce amount of carbons in the air giving lesser effect on air polution. Obviously the current condition of our public transport cannot satisfy our needs. Let's focus merely on the buses. The lines of buses are so bad that a bus cannot even get me from the useless-busless-signless bus stop to DJ or to Taman Megah ( those are the near places from my house ).

Besides, the public transports like LRT and bus except for taxi are always sardin-packed during peak hour. Delayed buses also made buses unreliable to the public. Therefore, how can the government blame M'sians for not preserving the environment by taking public transport to their destination? Hope the government will take this into deep consideration.

School reopens tomorrow...


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