A Long Week

Had a long week. Preoccupied with marching practices, tuition as usual, 2 PEKAs in a row, Installation stuff and tough jobs dealing with Mr. Zol.

Now we manage to save our installation date which actually crashed with staff meeting for SMKTS staffs.

On Friday,
  1. I practically skipped all the lessons and missed important stuffs. (Not a good thing)
  2. I had to deal with Mr. Zol also. ( Luckily he was in a good mood )
  3. Ran up and down the stairs for paper works. ( Good exercise though but not in school uniform!)
  4. Attended AGM for all librarians ( Electing new BODs - Kay Jun as president while Yuen Hee as vice president. Congratulations to both and all new BODs)
  5. Went for installation audition ( Played badly on the awkward keyboard, but the audience seems entertained or are they entertaining me?)
  6. Rushed to tuition ( Late for tuition - credits to LEE OEI KEONG)
  7. Came home having a bad throat and flu
  8. Went to tuition again ( Sorry Khai Sern for sitting beside a sick girl )
  9. Came home and watched Catwoman ( Totally fancy her new hair style )
  10. Slept at 12.15am ( Drained out )

Thank God Pn. Liew found my PEKA.


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