Overwhelming feelings

Holiday is over and school inevitably starts. After a carefree holiday, the students are forced to pack their feelings and get ready to hit the school once more.

The first day of school, i had a meeting with the Librarian Installation Committee and had to make stern and prompt decisions as we are running out of time for preparation. Today, Encik Zol gave us a heart attack. At last the letter has to be retyped to fulfill his frivolous needs.

  • Probates exam - This Friday
  • Canteen Day - Next Monday
  • AGM - Next Friday
  • Sports Day - 27th June
  • Librarian Installation - 5th July
  • MPS - 12th, 13th, 14th August
  • RKA Day - Don't know when
  • Final Exam - Coming up soon

Stay tuned to school. Wish everyone a miserable high school life.

Today 4 Angsana and 4 Bunga Raya students were lucky. We get to go to the hall for the whole day to watch the Selangor drama competition. Frankly speaking, some of the dramas were excruciatingly boring and hard to understand. In other words, very deep indeed. But as the dramas go on, they were starting to get more and more interesting and the second last drama about Delilah got a standing ovation and i like it. As usual, our school still gets pole position. It is almost too easy for our school to get first.

Lastly, i want to thank Yi Xuan for the extremely cute key chain. I love it. Thanks.

With love,

Pei Ning


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