English Drama~~

Finally Yi Xuan sent me the pictures taken on the day of english drama. Well, everybody was in the Drama- Mama mood so even after the drama, we were still in the mood and kind of camwhoring outside the hall. The whole drama went well except for the starting having technical error with Yi Xuan's MP3 resulted quite a chaos there. Credits to Yi Xuan's mp3...
Geber who struggled during the practice performed quite well on stage. At least his voice is not unheard.. The most interesting part is still the part where Joel and Meng Long start fighting. NICE! Thumbs up! Once upon a time... Give the face... Yea, fight! Joel so pro..
Kick the bad guy... "Loser," says Joel...
I had to help.. its my role.. T.T
Never ending fight.
And i proudly present * drum roll * Joker of the Day!! KEVIN QUAH!

Saturday night fever

Don't fight again!!


1 thing that will never change before and after is Melvin... still likes to pose as begger??

Casts and directors...

Drama is in the air~~


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