Holidays = Dreams of all humans

Finally its school holiday now. The last day of school was great! Know why? Cause we do not have to study!! As simple as that... It was Teacher's Day celebration. However, the prefects and the Kelab Kembara members have to work to prepare all the things for Teacher's Day. Ha! It was the first time for me going to school for this celebration since Form 1. Shh...

The performances were great having some Hip Hop dance, Break dance and also beatbox by Riyal and Adri. They were both hilarious from the way they talked to each other. We have great singing by Yan Shan and her band representing KRS performing Kenangan Terindah and No One. However, we had bad closing performance by a band with their lead singer, a Malay guy whom i do not know and Mr. Alan singing. These two performances were so like karaoke performances especially for the Guy singing along with this band. He looks totally like a drunk man singing his lungs out in a mumbling way.

Anyway, back to the actual singing competition, as Ryan said, " Your American Idol goes to.... David Cook!!" Well that's the fact that no one can change it but i was hoping for David Archuleta to win this big thing as Simon was praising him like he never did before in this whole competition and he even said that all 3 rounds goes to Archuleta. He sings like an Idol to me in this whole competition except for the fast beat songs he chose which were his bad choices. He shone during the finale!!
David Archuleta is GOOD!!!Top 12 finalists

Top 2 finalists

Winner of American Idol season 7


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