Brotherly Tag

Are you someone your friends can trust with their dirtiest and darkest secret?Answer the following questions sincerely….at the end of it name five people that u trust and another five that tells you everthing!! Finally, tag other bloggers with this quizzy-XD

1) Mom’s planning a big surprise party for your brother. You know he’ll hate it. What should you do?
Well, i know my mom well. She won't do that. Not in a lifetime. But if she does, i think i might not let a single word about my brother's feelings out from my mouth ( since he bullys me occasionally, time for revenge actually ). " Go on, " that's what i will say to my mother. * evil laughter *

2) Your new boyfriend shows you his CD collections and *gasp* among it, you found something that you shouldn’t be seeing. Do you tell your friends or laugh at it?
I don't have a boyfriend but maybe it means boy's friend. Anyway, i might ask him, " Have you been watching this for a long time?" If he says, " Yea, maybe??" Then, a red colour sort of warning light will starts blinking in my head. Well, just in case he got out of control then * ahem *... Its better than crying over a spilt milk right?

3) Your friend breaks up with her boyfriend. You witnessed the entire messy saga. Everyone’s asking you for details, you..
I will definately tell them to ask her about that instead! I've got no time, no saliva, no energy and etc. to explain the whole thing. Its her privacy also of course. But if she wants people to know but afraid to tell and ask me for help to express her feelings, i definately will. Why? She is my friend for God's sake. In my dictionary, Pei Ning's concept: Family First, Friends Second! Know why? They rock me out of my shoes!

4) You hear that the girl that you hate is about getting into trouble for cheating in exams. You spread the news around or pretend to be surprised when she bursts into tears?
O.o ooh.. that would be cool. Of course i will go around spreading this news to people who hate her too and not to those who doesn't in case i get into trouble. Anyway, people i hate are only those qualify for Self-centred-Paranoid-Bitchy-Friendspicker title. Till now haven't really met one. Lucky me, less problems in life.

5) Uh-oh! Your best friend’s new boyfriend ask you out on a date..you:
Oh No no no no no. Not in a lifetime. He is definately not sincere to my friend and i am going to reject him right in his face and scold him ( if i got the time ) and tell my friend about it. Again, my concept applies.

6) Your sister tells you that she flunked her exams..
That would be impossible!! My sister is clever! She never studies last minute and always does her exam preparation way before the actual exam starts. If she flunk her exam, my vein carries oxygenated blood!! Just joking... Back to the topic, i will be extemely surprised if she does but i will have no worries to telling my mom about that, she will tell by herself. =)

7) A friend says,”Can you keep a secret?”, you reaction would be..
" Yes! If you want me to.."

8) You are walking pass teacher’s office you over heard someone is getting terminated from the school. You tell your close friends and spread it around to the whole school?
I definately tell my close friend but not spread around the whole school. They will know sooner or later, it just the matter of time.

9) You are not going to school but your mom is writing a sick note. You tell your friends about it or pretend to be sick the next day?
Tell them that i'm sick! In case they can't be trusted and reveal my secret for playing truant! That won't sound nice...

10) You saw your good guyfriend’s girlfriend with another guy in the mall walking and holding hands. What will you do?
No doubt about it. Tell him of course! Once again, my concept applies. I'm sure he won't believe me.. " Believe it or not, up to you, but your girlfriend is cheating on you!!"

11) Who do you tell your secrets to?
-Shu Ning

12) Five people who confess everything to me?
- Yi Xuan ( maybe )
-Xi-Ning ( seldom talk to her now but we talk secrets when we chat )
I think that's all.. not many close friends, not many friends also. Pathetic eh?

Bull's eye:
- Yi Xuan
- Xi-Ning
- Xin Wei
- Khy Li
- Fong Jiuan


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