continued post of YE dinner..

The dinner was very fun.. i even get to know some of the Japanese girl and some girl from Norway.. cool eh?

Although the dinner was ordinary ( they serve you egg, vegetables, taofu...etc. ) compared to the previous year ( sharks fin soup ) hahaha....

The YE's photo taking session was a bit messy as all the YEs was not really discipline ( compared to the previous year ) .. then the fashion show.. it was cool with all the tradisional costume they wore but they were all very shy.. so all the pictures i took was blur.. too bad..

At the end of the YE farewell dinner, everybody don't feel like going home and thats a good thing. Unfortunately, the dinner was held in one of the restaurant so the workers were kind of like chasing us out because it was time to 'close shop'..
I really had a great time there taking pictures with some of the YEs and they were all very friendly and kind so its a good thing..
Btw, i'm going to Japan next year!! Yey.. but first of all, hope i pass the interview.. lalala~~

Enjoy some of the pictures>>


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