sober much

Born This Way - Lady GaGa

Woke up early in the morning with much unwillingness for the 8 o'clock class in the morning.
Ms. Tess reached her limits today. She was furious even early in the morning. I guess its because of the lousy midterm marks and seems like not many in the class give a shit about this subject. She was disappointed. Yes, I can see it in her motherly eyes. She was.
Being our oblivious self, Amanda and I were chatting during class. Again. Gilbert and Pik Yee were chatting on my right. And two other persons were chatting a row behind mine. Ignorant rude bitches and bastards we were.
So, the desk at where Amanda was at was retarded. It was droopy, almost on the verge of breaking. Half way through the class, Amanda got annoyed by the droopy desk and started flippin' it. Of course, I gave her a hand, telling her how it is possible to break it based on its current condition. Then I started fiddling around with it, hoping to break it, but after a few times trying to bend it, I reluctantly let go of what I was doing and started worrying. "What if it breaks?" I asked Amanda. Immediately after that, the whole desk magically went crashing down the floor just like that. Created a massive explosion like sound, echoing throughout the quiet classroom. I shuddered with shock. Then the embarrassment creeps in. All eyes were on where we were and all I was capable of was simply giving an awkward 'i'm sorry' crooked smile. It was weird.

In Subway with Alex, Derrick and Amanda. We were talking about myriad random topics and at a certain point, Alex literally said,"Kill me now. Seriously. Kill me NOW!" Seems like my telepathy thing with Amanda is forever in online mode. We replied "STAB" simultaneously, stared at each other, and started laughing hysterically. Clearly, the guys were amazed. Alex gave us both a "good friend test" consisting of three random questions. We passed. Officially good friends, as pronounced and acknowledged by the shaman. *:)
Then the shaman enlightened us by saying how only good friends will exchange glances and answer the question together instead of answering individually. How wise.

Hung out at the BComm recording room at lvl 5 with Clement and Jeremy while Clement attempts to do his drum cover recording. I tried learning some beats, failed at the more complicated basics. Clearly, I have no talent in drums. Too much synchronizing for me to handle. I guess learning the guitar will be easier.
Took a trip to SStwo Mall before heading home. It was new and quiet though it can be a great yum cha place with the newly opened dine in places. Haven't really explored it though. The design of the mall is rather impressive, based on the limited space they have, albeit the not strategic location.

There are times where you wake up in the morning and go, hello sunshine. Yet,
there are also times where you wake up in the morning and go, oh not again...



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