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Bad Day - Daniel Powter

In a total contradictory, I had a damn good one.
First, I went to college in the morning, without knowing what lies ahead in the day for me to uncover. Empty college. Went into class way too early before the class starts and ended up skipping the entire history class. Yeah i did. Ended up chatting at the hallway with a few others including my 'brother', Sean Li. Went down to Wisma HELP mamak to continue our catch up sessions. It was fun.
Calculus was a mess. Had no idea what happened. For real. The greatest feeling was when the whole class feel like a football stadium. We were cheering like crazy when Ms. Rani announced that the Calculus quiz is postponed till next Monday. One of the greatest relief of all times.
Luck was on my side that day. Thought I had to take a bus over to main block to have lunch with a few of them, but the moment I stepped out of the KPD E building, Derrick's car was there. Like he was destined to be there for good. So he picked Amanda from HELP Residence and we went out for lunch at Bangsar. The mamak didn't have roti canai then so I was a little disappointed. Turned to Maggi Goreng which was not a bad choice also.
The UK lady was quite a let down. I did not expect her to be such a boring lecturer. I thought it was going to be fun. Well, I guess Alex already set a high standard for any other lecturer who is going to teach me in the future. I just love Alex. The way he teaches and communicates with the students. Incredible. He's like my lecturer crush or something. I went to a trial class and immediately decided that I had to take his class because I'm so in love with his style. Heh...
It started raining in the middle of the class, with some thunder here and there. The spoilt fluorescent lights sort of enhanced the effects of the thunder. Epic. The UK gave half an hour break. Which was way to slack. We went down to get a breather, and don't feel like going back into class ever. Except for Manda though, the hardworking one. We thought many people left the class, and we were wrong.
So that left the three of us, outside of the lecture hall, chatting again. One of the best intimate moments with friends. Just like pillow talk except for our bags are our pillows. Lots of secret sharing, hidden feelings revealed and personal topics involved. Girl talk. Defo.
Great day. I'm out.


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