Stay - Ronan Keating

One week ago, I turned down an offer to be part of the crew for Micheal Buble's concert. One week later, which is today, he's concert is happening right now. No regrets though.
I have never completed an assignment in such short time. Well, short I mean... 3 quarter of the day?
Hahaha... yes I am that slow at doing things.
Sigh. Two quizzes tomorrow including calculus. Not sure how I'm going to survive it.
When I was young, when my mathematic subject is still called Mathematics, I think highly off add math. Add math used to be such a grown up thing for me. But when my mathematic subject became Add Math, I think highly of calculus. Calculus, then, used to be such a grown up thing for me. Of course, I associate calculus with college, university, grown up lives. Right now, at this moment, though i'm taking calculus myself, my perception never changed like it used to. Calculus is STILL, a very grown up thing. Massive fail... -.-

Mmm... to do list- :)

- Abnormal Psychology midterm
- Developmental Psychology midterm
- Western Civilization quiz
- Developmental individual assignment
- Western Civilization individual assignment
- Abnormal Psychology individual assignment
- Calculus quiz
- Abnormal Psychology quiz

Feels extremely pleased to strike off most of the things off my to do list. Massive relief!! :)

Somehow, I'm not a big fan of suspense. Makes me think a lot and start worrying like crazy, apprehensive about events. Its just me. That's my nature. Somehow, I'm just not a big fan of suspense.

"The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends. It's when you have more playful moments than serious moments. It's when you can joke around, let each other have piggy backs, have unexpected hugs and random kisses. It's when you two give each other that specific stare and just smile. It's when you'll rather stay in to watch movies, eat junk food and cuddle, than go out all the time. It's when you'll stay up all night just to settle your arguments and problems. It's when you can completely act yourself and they can still love you for who you are." - tumblr

"Love the sinner, hate the sin? How about: Love the sinner, hate your own sin! I don't have time to hate your sin. There are too many of you! Hating my sin is a full-time job. How about you hate your sin, I'll hate my sin and let's just love each other!" - Mark Lowry

"I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible." - Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind

"It is only the mysterious equations of love, but analogical reasons can be found. I'm only it because of you. You are the reason I am. You are all my reasons." - Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind

Mmm... I'm a genie in a bottle. So why not you rub me in the right way and I'll stay with you forever?



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