Living the Irish spirits.

It was the St. Patrick's day on Thursday. Hence, the American Eagle club organized a party for this special festival, held at HELP Residence.

The day started earlier than usual for me. Woke up without an alarm at 10. Unusual. Anyways, the event was great basically. Loved the couple Polo-T Amanda and Derrick were wearing. Mmmm...
At one point of the event though, I felt quite left out, and lonely.
Food was rather okay. Surprisingly, I got lucky and won lucky draw again. It was scented candles this time round. I was ecstatic. Really. Since young, I somehow don't possess the necessary luck to be winning lucky draws or anything similar to the aforementioned. Not insinuating how I hate not being chosen all the time, but its just not my luck. Nevertheless, lady luck seems to like me better these past few years. Is it safe to say now that I am in luck?
So, as the event comes close to the end, the frenzy of playing with the glitters on the table started. Plus ballooning all over. I guess I was too attractive that I had to be the victim of so many people. Teck Yan chased me around the hall just to sprinkle me with this hand full of glitters while I was busy running away from him with a balloon tied to my wrist. Funny much. Was pretty much making use of my reflex and my speed to move my short legs cause Tecky had damn long legs. He's way taller than me man.
Dude!! 7 years knowing you and you're still so evil to me every time we see each other!
Still, in the end, I got it bad, be it from Teck Yan or from Kent or anyone else. I got it real bad. Ended up shining like a total freak. Heck, I was literally glowing! Shinier than Edward Cullen. Hands down.
(okay I don't think anyone likes the rate I am going through things like flashing slide shows. Am just planning to write down what I think its memorable)
After the event, I was pretty hyper. Really. To the extent that someone actually tied a balloon to my green ribbon at my pony tail and I gladly left it there. Walked around with a balloon floating on mid air from the back of my head. Need not say the hysterical and endless laughter. Unfortunately, it flew away when I got out of the building. Am still grieving over the lost. It was tragic. A massive one.

Went to The Hills opposite of Wisma HELP for a drink. Alcohol drink. Well, I wasn't so much into the mood of drinking so I did not order anything, instead, took sips from everyone's. Just to have a taste. Somewhere through the middle, I got emotional again. Michelle lent me her shoulder and heck it was embarrassing. Downed the last few bits of the alcohol hoping they will take effect, following my crappy mood then. Yet nothing happened.


Crashed Jia Lynn's place for the night. It was really fun. Every single bit of it. From playing cards, to wii, to facetime with CK, to playing with the rabbit doll, to pillow talk, to camwhoring, to playing the piano, to failing at attempts to record my playing, to heart-to-heart talk with Amanda, to liking my pj so much, to applying lotion, to cracking jokes and laughing our asses off at four o'clock in the morning, to preparing for bed, to fighting for places to sleep, to falling asleep at five something in the morning, to waking up to the biological clock at 9.30am, to waking everyone else up, to trying to pull lazy bum Amanda out of bed, to sending Vanesse off to the LRT station, to coming back and continue disturbing Amanda till she gets up, to watching morning programs on tv, to catatonic moments, to going out for dim sum as brunch, to coming back home from the tiring day, to feeling all like a high school girl once again, to feeling contended, to thinking I can finally rest in peace? (awkward silence) *facepalm*


When you wake up in the morning, its sunshine all over again. Hello, life.

It was full moon today
Should I turn into a full-grown vamp
Leave you a mark and make you mine for eternity



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