Bring it in. Break it up.

Today was HELP Trekaton. I got to know last minute from Derrick and pulled Amanda along. We signed up 15 minutes before the event started and my number was 093.
Well, basically, some of the departments like HMC came in with quantity instead of quality. Their numbers are intimidating. For real. They came in buses while there were only four of us from ADP. Just imagine if Amanda and I didn't join the race. That would leave Derrick and James, two man show.
The race started slow. That was because Amanda and I were lagged behind, slowed down by some Jia Lynn and Sarah like people. :D
Yeah we were mocking them, hypothesizing about how they will react if they were to join the race as well. After overtaking the few, we realized that the rest were far ahead, out of sight. Bravo, girls.
Almost close to the ending, we were worn out, literally. Us feeling light-headed, panting like cows, trying to catch our breath, yet knowing each breath we take in will very much hurt the throat. The cheering by the facilitators and some of the contestants ten meters away from the finishing line certainly did not help. They were shouting, "Go green shirt girls. You can do it! 10 meters to go! Go green girls." For America.
Yet, the sight of the guys at the opening was a huge relief. Massive. I reserved my last energy and sprinted past Amanda to take down the 25th place for the female category. 25th. Quite pathetic huh?
But we could have done better without the lousy start. Defo.
The guys did an amazing job making ADP proud though, with James the 2nd while Derrick the 6th. Funny thing was during the price giving ceremony, only Amanda and I were cheering for them guys while the rest just simply stared at us like we had horns growing from our heads.
I really look forward to the day where others would stop making false impression and apprehension about the ADP department. We cool people and we certainly are very much human like themselves. Or maybe... we're too cool for them to hang out with. Fortunately, we have BComm students to love us when the others have their backs against us. Cheers!

Came home, dead tired. Fatigue. Exhausted. Burned. Boned.
Took care of my precious sport shoes before lunch and crashed after that. Slept for three hours again. Not productive. Now rush assignment and study for Calculus quiz. I hope I don't shake with fear tomorrow.

Till then.

Pei Ning.


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