tonight, is such a moonless night. starless night. i peered up to the dark blue sky, it was perfect and spotless enough to be a backdrop of a gloomy play.
tonight, is such a humid night. all around me i feel the wet air precipitating in mid air. a feeling that i don't favor. it makes objects exposed to the damp air all wet and sticky.
tonight, is such a tiresome night. despite not doing anything productive for the entire day, somehow i'm drained off my senses. fatigue. lazysome much.
tonight, is a night of random talks. back to the good ol' times where just any random topics pop up that we talk about and have a great laugh over it.
tonight, is a night of reminiscence. of the stress over assets and creditors, comes the joy and excitement. a sense of accomplishment. a redbull for self-confidence.
tonight, is a night of aftershock. high decibels of sounds, shocking memories, traumatizing visual experience and vicarious reactions. involuntary flow of tears which break free from the boundaries profusely.
tonight, is a night of distractions. of self entertainment to entertaining others, to eye candy, to consoling, to leisure.
tonight, is such a chilly night. strolling down the quite street was unusually pleasurable when i should be vigilant at the sight of a few man, strangers. yet i was sadistically invincible.
tonight, is a night of self-indulgence. spending a few bucks more on something that may satisfy my crave for unhealthiness for at least a week is satisfying. that doesn't make me a masochist.
tonight, is a night of transition. where the sky goes from moonless to the appearance of it. which was moving? was it the moon? or the earth?
tonight, is a night of drowsiness. i have a confession. i have deeply fallen for my bed. its not the best looking bed ever, but it understands my need for a place to rest. a surface to lie on when i fall. my bed knows me best.
tonight, i shall mend my remorseful heart. with only a little, i can go a long way, me think.
tonight, i hope another beating heart is not troubled because of my selfishness and insensitivity.
tonight, is a night where i completely fallen for you again. for your honesty. for your charm. for your tender touch.
all because of tonight, i don't need a reason why days like this should never not come by ever again.

the way you looked at me
it makes me feel so serene inside
the warmth you propagate
only through that truthful stare of yours
never fails to melt my heart
i love how when you look me in the eyes
it was as if you stare straight into my vulnerable soul
that beautiful eyes of yours
which i can never get enough of



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