Kickin' in with
Perfect - Pink

It was distasteful, the feelings I had to go through. The thick emotions of betrayal and disappointment.

As a message came in and my phone let out a cheerful jingle tone, I forced my eyelids open, heart stirring in a complete opposite direction. Hyperventilating with accelerated heart beat, palpitating wildly beneath my chest. Getting downstairs to open the door was a bitter struggle, yet the reassurance awaiting was irresistible. Just what I desperately needed at that moment of insecurity.

Emotions overflowed. True that people say hugs will definitely bring out the true feelings buried deep within an apparent strong soul. I proved myself wrong as I thought I could handle the overwhelming feelings that embraced my timid heart as I repetitively chanted the same old sentence every time I have a nightmare. Clearly, I was not convinced.

The presence of another beating heart in the quiet house gradually untangled the tight knots in my throat and my heart as I gasped for air in the midst of sobbing. Beads of tears trickled down the outlines of my cheeks, gave a warm and humid feeling I did not favor. Unanswered words of concern and loving strokes of the back were the things that proved the events in the nightmare wrong. Then gradually, I fell back to reality where I completely let myself off guard, and fell back into your love once more.

I'm glad you were there when I needed you the most.
I love you sweetheart.

Because I love you I don't need another reason why...


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