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I had a weird dream about deciphering ancient Egyptian codes and wall carvings to change the entire recorded History. Yeah it was my assignment and to do so, I was travelling everywhere to gather every piece of information. That lead me to this weird school with all my primary and high school friends but my dream stupidly showed only the faces of four of them. Among them were Khai Sern, Jo Keat, Abel and Zheng Hong. Weird because I haven't seen them in ages. Not to mention Yi Xuan, who was my amazing sidekick. Best buddies in real life as best partners in dream. One word : Awesome.
So then Khai Sern and Jo Keat were in this classroom of about eight. A small class indeed and the lecturer was teaching mechanics! Hahahah the subject Jo struggled at. Me think... Well, facts in dreams aren't always accurate.
And I went into this classroom to get Abel out and all the guys thought I was an elementary school kid because of the dark pinafore that was on me. But they were whistling and whispering all about me, bustling around in their chairs the whole time I was in the classroom so I guess I looked pleasant enough in my dream to be able to attract their attention :D
Then I went on hugging Abel, my kindergarten classmate for a very very long time. I guess the reason for this prolonged hugging was because I lost contact with him ever since we graduated from kindergarten and went our own paths till we bumped into each other again at Form 4 in a tuition class. Awkward we didn't even dare to make eye contact or initiate a conversation. But somehow we managed in the end, kudos to his cousin. Long story.
And weird enough, someone from that school I wasn't even studying in, nominated me to receive this government scholarship. I stared at the informatory paper. I think you can guess what I saw. But I was confused. Then I woke up, back to reality.
It was a nice dream though, to be able to 'meet' the people I miss a lot in that dream, albeit the incredibly weird storyline.

That's all. Back to studying. Exam tomorrow and the day after tomorrow then I'm so done.
Keep those fingers crossed girl.



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