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In blogging, many will always come to a point where they feel that blogging has become a task or a mandatory routine that is an unpleasant necessity. I'm pretty sure this is my... *looks at fingers and starts counting* I lost count of the times I have experienced this. But this is certainly a post that tells dear readers that it is back! This horrible, atrocious feeling. Its back to haunt again!
Lets have a moment of silence...

April 1st, 2011

Okay. Here's brief post about ADP Mixer cum ( <-- WTF??) HELP 25th Anniversary pool party.
It was held at Royal Commonwealth Club located at Batai, walking distance from HELP.
Basically, it was great. Met some freshies, kinda awkward to wanna talk to some of them cause they are simply too shy and... conversationless. Clicked very well with James though, since we bonded a lot during Calculus class. We're officially like buddies now.
I thought I dressed up for this pool party. Really. I felt pretty that night, albeit not wearing any bikini under my outfit like what the others did. Some accessories I kept away for a long time, plus a normal red spaghetti strap and a bondi blue pareo as skirt will do. :)
The food was okay as usual. Performances were awesome. Loving the breakdance, popping and all the contemporary and dope dance moves. Plus, the magic show cum ( <-- WTF?) stand up comedy, awesome entertainment by Bighead and Ian, the music lecturer. They are just natural, so raw like they are born to entertain.
After everything in the agenda, here comes the getting wet and wild part. They just had to fulfill the theme of the party. So majority of the people, not to mention girls, were forced down the pool. So instead of getting thrown into it, I willingly took off my pareo and strutted towards the pool. Just when I was about to jump in, someone (either Sanjeev or Bighead) gave me a push and splash, there I bid goodbye to my dry self within spilt seconds.
Was shivering with cold in the pool but still played kapten ball for a while before I retired to dry land. It was fun. Hmm... got hit at the bridge of my nose by Mayuri when something happened and she hurt her gladys. Again. I think it'll survive.
Rest of the night was pretty much okay, drenched, intoxicated.

That's all for now!
Love, LeePeiNing


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