Different World. Different Perception.

Tonight - Jay Sean

I entered the hall with much reluctance. The sight of the pair of shivering wrinkled hands and his nervous and awkward body posture inevitably made me want to step up to comfort him. My throat was thick, heart was wrenching. My eyes were fixed on him, but my mind wondered, thinking myriad unanswered questions. Minutes passed and he was still in the center of attention, but somehow he managed to calm his nerves and started to get used to be standing at his position. He was Mr. Albert Wang.
One glance at him, many would start to build false perception towards this man. Why? That was only because he was mentally ill- Schizophrenia. He shared his life experience without feeling embarrassed any bit at all. To him, a life full of lies will be one forbidden by God. To him, lies can fool everybody but one's soul and God above him

Why can't more people show empathy towards people who are suffering from mental disease?They are just like any other patients suffering from those common chronic diseases. Mental illness can be cured, if put under professional care and treatment. We should not judge one based on their color, nor what they are, but their heart
I was especially touched when I shook and with him. " Thank you Mr. Albert. It was very moving and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. " That sincere smile which carved across his pale cheeks was enough to keep me motivated and perked me up for the day.
It is true that the good always prevails in the end.

P.S : You might want to look at this (about him) and this (about a 7 year old girl suffering from the same disease)

The happiest people do not necessarily own the best of all. They simply appreciate what they find on their way.

Was it just me
or my love was left unrequited?

Love, eve


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